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Do you craft and travel?


I have met folks who bring their travel machine with them on the shortest of trips and those who take a break completely. I tend to bring embroidery and then ignore it - just knowing it's there just in case I feel crafty makes me happy!


What's your crafty travel style?

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Too funny, I take projects with me, usually embroidery or knitting. Seriously I can't go without when I travel! More reason to learn to crochet, travel worthy for sure!
Oh but I should clarify, I travel often for work and the trips can be long, 2 to 3 weeks. I need something to do in my off time that gives me a sense of....well me, so I like a crafty project to work on. I have even thought of signing up for a class in where ever the location is, but never could get that to work. If I'm on vacation I don't take projects, as time seems to be so limited. But I'm like Judy and always have my eye out for sewing goodies and inspiration!
I always take my patchwork with me, although I rarley do any of it!

I was taking my beading with me for a while but I haven't unpacked it since I moved house 7 months ago. I usually end up taking crossword puzzles and books with me instead but since I discovered Op Shops, there is always something to pore over.

Definitely knitting - preferably something not too brain taxing. It's very therapeutic (I find), just knitting away ....

well, I normaly take a book with me  to read on the plane ( needles not allowed) and some yarn/crochet - and now recently that I learn how to knitt, i will be taking them too.

When I went home for a couple of months I missed my sewing machine like mad , so mom had to buy a little one for "her" LOL

I just pick up something that needs hand-stitching. I have tackled many projects during travel, that I would never finish otherwise because I tend to avoid hand-stitching when I'm at home. Although my husband often worries about my poking our daughter. What does he know :-/

 Do you know.. I really don't take along sewing projects,while traveling..  I normally break from sewing, and enjoy the 'Look for fabric and notions ,in a new place.' 

   However... I  have asthma, and I usually end up in the hospital about twice a year.[yuk]..and I can not stand the laying in that bed..doing nothing..ha.So.. I always.. bring  my sewing books to look at and study., Hand sewing that I always have  available to do.. And one time, I even had my daughter go home and bring me some fabric, scissors, pins ,pattern  of some Dresses I was wanting to do for the grandaughters.. I managed to cut them out on the hospital bed..Not fun...but I succeeded.. Dr. Creekmore [my family doctor] told me...he had never had a patient who sewed in the hospital..I was the first.ha

     And I REALLY wanted my sewing machine..but Hubby said,"Oh Lord No...surely you are not going to try to bring a sewing machine to the hospital."hahaha

It never even occurred to me do to something like that!  I think my husband would divorce me, lol.
 Yep.... the hubby's definitely don't understand the "Need'  of having to have our sewing fix.hahaha
Truth! My husband overheard me recounting the "carry my machine with me traveling" story and said "Don't even think about it. No ... just no." LOL
That's funny... I can just hear him...hahhaha


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