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Do you craft and travel?


I have met folks who bring their travel machine with them on the shortest of trips and those who take a break completely. I tend to bring embroidery and then ignore it - just knowing it's there just in case I feel crafty makes me happy!


What's your crafty travel style?

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I am lucky, my mother in law knits ALL the time, so she has groomed my hubby well. I can sew and stitch, take it anywhere and he wont care. It is great. I owe her big time :-)

I usually take a panel of something to hand sew/applique (usually turned into bags later, like this pigeon bag). If it's winter weather I'll definitely take something to knit (bonus: I've found that some domestic flights in Australia allow knitting needles!). I actually sewed my first dress on my mum's machine during my Christmas holidays from uni and so before I got my own sewing machine the only times I got to sew were when I visited my parents. I'd never heard of a travel sewing machine - I can only imagine the look my husband would give me if I bought one of those!


I need to learn to crochet though....I've held off on that one as I never understand the diagrams and don't know if crochet is ambidextrous or I'd have to learn it left handed.

I couldn't survive without something to do. Its always take hand stitching, usually pick a project to start and finish...I hope. To finish gives me a real sense of achievement. I also take magazines and books to read and drool over.
Judy, you are hilarious, cutting out fabric while in your hospital bed -  I love it!  Sorry to hear about the Asthma, that is scarey, my eldest son had that when he was small but thank God, he has grown out of it, I had a couple of nights in hopsital with him trying to sleep in a chair!

Thankyou proud your son outgrew his asthma.. I worked in Respiratory therepy for 25 yrs.. so I worked with those kind of patients.. I never had it as a child , But, developed it  in my 30's..and it just kept getting worse.. yuk...

  But.. At least , I can sew...yea,yea. [and if projects require...I know I can work on them ,in the hospital.hahah

Yo yos are handsewn, small and rewarding - you could start a quilt made from them!

I like making suffolk puffs (or yo yos) but have never thought to put them into a quilt.

oh i need the answer to this! i am always at odds to get my crafty fix away from home. i used to knit but now all i want to do is make clothes. and my featherweight, no matter how portable, is not getting on a plane with me.


i guess it's almost impossible to get a sewing/gamrnet fix on away from home. all the notions, patterns, your scissors... has anyone found a sewing fix?


I generally throw in some knitting to do while on holidays. I'm off to Vietnam in a week (with 8 other ladies) - its unlikely I'll have time for anything, but think I will tuck in a ball of wool & crochet hook & do some granny squares, between shopping, the day spa, eating & cocktails!
 You lucky lady............... I am envious.  sounds so relaxing and nice..have fun...
Wow, bet you go fabric hunting!


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