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I am always trying to make my sewing better, and I was wondering how everyone else finishes their seams.

I'm really wanting a better finish than the raw edge, and while I have recently been using my sewing machine's zigzag stitch I am not convince it is the best finish.



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It totally depends on what I'm making. In a lot of instances, a zig-zag is a perfectly nice finish. I use my serger to overlock a lot of seams. When I want to make something really pretty, I might use French seams, and/or bias tape (for curved or bulkier seams). For sportswear, I also like to use flat felled seams. 


When I line a garment, I sometimes don't do anything at all to the seams. If the fabric is prone to fraying, though, I'll either zig-zag the edges or overlock the edges before I even start constructing the garment. I have also used pinking shears to finish seams in lined garments. I don't do that in unlined garments.


Take a look at some of your nicer ready-to-wear and see how the seams are treated there. Also, experiment! :)

I'd have a serger in that case LOL  I am making some 1940's style dresses and just don't want my cotton fraying!
I have to admit. I didn't use my overlocker for 6 months for fear of threading it. But to be honest I couldn't live without it now! I use it every thirty seconds when I'm sewing. For finishing seams and stuff you just can't go wrong!
I do exactly like Amy, French, flat felled or serged but I would like to try bias tape.
Ever since I bought my overlocker earlier this year, everything gets overlocked. Love it, although I did do french seams on my ugly pattern dress and was very happy with that.

 I use my serger  the majority of the time..  Sometimes  I zig zag..just depends on what I'm making and how I want it to look??

  and to tell off on my laziness..... sometimes if I happen to have the wrong color thread on my  serger...and the garment is like  a dark solid color...I will zig zag ,because I dont want to change the thread colors..ha

I like the overlock stitch and overlock foot on my sewing machine for finishing seams. The zigzag stitch is fine, too.
ooh, which machine do you have Judy?


 I have a brother 834.. It is old, I have had it for years..but works great..


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