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Long before the phrase 'wardrobe malfunction' was coined.. there was this little 'slip' up. How do you avoid such indecencies? Are you like me.. going crazy lining everything... do you have a drawer full of slips in every conceivable colour, shape & length? Do you make your own slips?

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I've been adding linings to store bought things lately.. in an effort to make me wear them! Got quite a few waiting in the shame pile.
I have one basic full ivory, cut on the bias and made of real silk. Then I have one basic half slip in black polyester. But they really don't cover all the bases. That's why I like making my own clothes, because I can line them! I really don't like wearing slips, especially when they pull funny. My grandma wore them every day, though, even with her gardening muumuus!
while gardening!!! I'm going to have to start making more of an effort!

I always line straight skirts and other garments if fabric is very sheer - as I thought slips were a bit daggy, and they have a tendency to hang below your outfit (ewhh).  Recently I have purchased a couple of dresses that are very sheer, so I had to get a slip, and they are actually quite comfy ($24 at Target) - this is the style:

You can get them in black, bone and white - easy to wear and go with everything.  A quick easy solution if you don't want to go to the effort of adding a lining.
That's a good looking slip.. Yay for the V neckline - much more versatile than the straight ones I have.will have to check it out!
that does look good

I hate,hate lining garments..So, I do own quite a few slips.Mostly I buy the slips.. You should see me in the fabric stores.... holding up the peice of  fabric to the see if I can see through it.[dont want it, if I can see through it.ha.]

   I have to tell you this cute one on my grandaughter... they are on there way to the doctors office. she tells her mom,  oh no!! we have to go back...My panties are NOT white. my daughter [confused] says, "why do they have to be white?" because.. dr.marta [pediatrician] makes you put on that gown and colored panties show through it..and that looks  yuky !!! [This was my  6 yr olds reply...ha]

  So, I guess if a 6 yr old figures out it looks yuky... I need to remember the lining [cover ups] too.

omg! how cute that a 6 yr old would think of that. Hilarious!... and I too am now holding all fabric up to the light!

Hey Casey...

  she is a mess.. You never know what may come out of that mouth.ha

I haven't got as far a lining yet, but I suppose like Debbie a good quality slip may make life easier
On the plus side for slips (and half slips) they keep dress fabric from clinging especially during the static months. I had wondered if slips were a thing of the past but I do think they have their place and yes I own a few and wear them.


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