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High fashion: oh yeah, baby or actually laugh out loud funny?

For the last 20 years (that's all I am admitting to) I have read the Style supplement of the Sunday Times newspaper. I quite like looking at the fashion pages but mostly so I can say things like "look at her - she could do with a decent meal" or "hah! they want HOW MUCH for those shoes? who would pay that?"


However recently I have noticed I am actually getting interested in fashion. I blame TSW. Last week the Style supplement metioned this season's "must have" collar - peter pan (Violet from Colette anyone?), and apparently vintage is so in right now. I am accidentally trendy.


So, this week I have done something so out of character I surprised myself. I bought Elle magazine just for the report on the Autumn/Winter runway shows. (I know, I am obviously having some kind of midlife crisis.)


Anyway, here are THE new looks that Elle has identified for the new season:


1 The New Fetish - sort of bondage (no chance I will do this look ever. Ever. Not even for TSW. I would not look sexy, just like a trussed up sausage)

2. The girl/boy thing - maybe. Kind of Annie Lennox. I like it.

3. Optic shock - bright bright colours (I would try this for a TSW challenge)

4. Eccentric Ladyland - I do this most days by accident

5. The New Native   - erm...

6. The future - Sort of 1960s sci-fi, I'd try it for a TSW challenge but it isn't me


Do you fancy any of these? Does the idea of the "New Fetish" float your boat? What is your opinion of high fashion? Really great or just plain silly?

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You should have a look at ( I only read this....)

 I Like the androgenos look because it wears trousers and I am too cold for dresses in the winter...

Color block- bright colours Is fun only for summer... so no, I wont be making any this winter...

I love fashion as an inspiration and for its creativitive but hate when I see young girls in "fashion uniforms" . where is  personality and personal style on that??



Thanks Rachel, your website is v useful! Good point on the bright colours in winter too....

Love the 'eccentric ladyland' title - I'm gonna go look that up now, sounds like heaps of fun!  :-)


(New Fetish, on the other hand, just sounds kinda scary....)

Umm I tend to enjoy fashion with an eye for amusement. It's interesting to see from Fashion week to ready to wear how it trickles down to the masses. I also have to laugh at myself when I say I will never wear a certain style but at some point decide I must have it. Now regarding this list…maybe 2 and 6…but I need more visuals before I commit!


Here are two fun fashion blogs you might enjoy if you haven't checked them out before:


Cathe, enjoyed the first one..Really like that blue dress.


 Charolette..  like Cathe is so funny how you look at new fashions in either RTW or  in magazines, and think, "I would NEVER wear that"..and give it a little while and all of a grows on you and your wearing'  Remember me telling you that I wore "what we called hot pants" TERRRIBLE!!!!!!! --but at the time , I thought they were great. all it equals out to,  is  a pair of  shorts under a tooooo short dress that gives the illusion you have no shorts under it,ha.  At the time, I would have SWORE to you, that I would NEVER wear a vintage dress [who would wear such a thing as a 1940's dress pattern??? ME..hahahha].

 Fashion is never ending and all it takes is someone to advertise it awhile and we all love it,lol

The new Native?  really?  I don't have words...


As for the rest, the fetish idea is kinda scary, but The Future sounds like fun. Since starting to sew for myself, I do feel that on one hand, i am doing what I like and caring less and less if my clothes are "in style" but on the other hand, i am often inadvertenly making things that are "in"

Like peter pan collars, sailor collars, nautical look and vintage inspired.  I also made a few denim dresses thinking of how out of fashion they are, and then found out that denim dresses were "in" for spring.


perhaps the trend forecasters are looking at sewing blogs for inspiration...


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