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Hello, I know I am a bit of a lurker but I would really appreciate some help / advice ... I am one of natures's 'curvy' girls  - I have a UK size 12 waist, but to fit a top I need a size 16 - 18 .... I have a 32H  chest. So basically an average pattern just doesn't fit me. (as a result I've always stuck to making skirts) I've been trying to teach myself to do an FBA, but my results are less than inspiring, while they do 'fit' better they always seem boxy and not at all flattering. Can anyone suggest a (simple) pattern which would lend itself to such a large adjustment or do you know of a pattern company which actually designs for something larger than a B cup?


thank you!


V x

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I think Simplicity do a range of patterns that have different cup sizes, I saw some just recently while flicking through a pattern book - I hope I've got the right pattern company!

You should try McCall's 6148 I got it for £4 on this  site (They are having a half price sale at the moment)  Its lovely to make and it goes up to a D cup on the pattern, but I think (not that I've tried it) looking at the scales on the pattern it might be easy enough to do a bigger cup. Don't be fooled by McCall's 5522, its essentially the same shirt as 6148 but twice the price for one other type of sleeve...


Im a DD and Used Mccalls for D and was very little alterations compered to most B cup patterns... and they have very flaterring shapes for larger on top ladies !!!

I've ordered the pattern... now to lie in wait for the postman!

I'm not sure about patterns...Though I'm thinking that Simplicity sells patterns that go up to a D cup? Yes, it is... I'm not sure if you can obtain this particular line in the UK or not, but it may be worth looking.


As a 30DD/E (depends on the manufacturer, you're probably familiar with that!), with a small waist, I have the same issue. This blog post is extremely interesting to look at...!  She went through the different methods she's familiar with.


I hate the regular FBA methods, they seem to add bulk at the waist. I don't need it there...!

I had no idea there were so many different methods! It's quite baffling to know what to try ... I guess it is a case of practice makes perfect and experimenting.

Thank you for the replies & suggestions. I've ordered a McCalls patternwhich goes up to D Cup, and spoken to my lovely local habadashers / sewing shop who say they'll order patterns in for me as they currently only stock 'regular' ones so I cna browse away online and then take in  alist of my 'wants'.

 As I'm not so good at waiting I decided to start again from scratch armed with 'Fit for Real People' and a pattern for a 1950's style tea dress - 4 tissue fits later (I realised I needed to move the darts which was why the last one looked really boxy' and I am embarking on my first ever dress... very excited if slightly nervous! I've just sewn the bodice lining to the bodice front and am trying to decipher the instructions for finishing the arm holes .... hmmm. I am taking everything very slowly - I don't think I've ever been so careful in my life, pinning and hand basting before sewing. Fingers crossed!

 Good Luck...  Sounds like your on the right road.. I have the Fit for Real People book too.very helpful. Cant wait to see your tea dress.Sounds beautiful..
Fingers crossed the pattern is good for you, I'm the same as Rachel DD and made a D but no alterations and it fits well, which is damn good for a shirt and bigger boobies! :)  You sound like your on the right road with it all though :)

soooo ... quick update ... I made the dress - well mostly! The bodice fits nicely now (yay!) but because I never thought I'd actually make something wearable this time round I didn't check how much fabric I needed carefully, I just took a large piece from my stash, and this dress has a very full skirt and I didn't have enough fabric left after I made the bodice. Oops. So I thought, I've come this far, I'll just wing it - I don't need that many panels, I'll leave one out. So now I have a VERY noticable seam centre front - I used red gingham, and now have what amounts to an arrow pointing up. And the skirt is far too long - easy to solve but I'd loose the width and swish at the base even more... so unhemmed and unzipped there it sits. Given how careful I was with the bodice I am very cross with myself for two such silly mistakes - but at least I'll know not to do that again. I know the bodice pattern fits (double yay) but I can't motivate myself to finish it completely because I know I'll never wear it. So today I visited my friendly local fabric store (Sakhi Fashion Fabrics, Lewisham, London) and bought a beeeeeee-a-u-tiful yet inexpensive floral fabric - it is currently in my washing machine preshrinking ... and we now have a four day weekend thanks to the Royal Wedding & May Day Bank Holiday - no prizes for guessing what I'll be doing.


 If it all goes to plan this will be my Red White & Blue dress for the london meet :>


The pattern Kirsty recommended has also arrived and is sat next to me tempting me- but I am determined to make a dress first!


So sorry about your dress and the lack of enough frustrating,  But the new fabric sounds  beautiful and great for the UK meet.. Can't wait to see it.. and all the other Red/white /blue dresses from the other girls.. Know ya'll are going to have lots of fun..


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