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So I just wanted to get some input about a decision I have to make soon.

I currently work at a long established (18years) alterations place in my home town, I’ve been there for about 8 months. It’s been pretty good. Just a regular, permanent part time, job. No major dramas, good work environment, lovely work collogues and lots of work. The only set back for me, no dressmaking, its all just alterations. Also my boss knows I make 50’s style dresses and still does not recommend me to make circle skirts to rock n roll dancers that do come to the shop. Set uniform.



So cut to now, a New (12months) Vintage clothing / pin up shop, that also does alterations, around the corner ask me to take in a few dresses I’ve made just to see if they would sell my stuff in store/if they wanted my dresses to sell. I was asked to come back in the next day and they offered me a traineeship on the spot as they are over loaded with custom dressmaking orders / alterations. Willing to pay same wage / match. No uniform, can dress 50’s all the time.


I just wanted some thoughts, ideas, input as I’m having a hard time.


Thanks girls.

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I often find when I am trying to make a decision that I know what I want to do, I am just afraid to take the step. Its hard to beat being able to do what you love, and wear the clothes that are really you. . . maybe it's time to take a big breath and jump!

Do what you are.  It sounds like a great opportunity!  (Although it's always easy to say that when not standing in the other person's shoes.)  We'd love to hear the follow-up story 1 - week to 6 - 8 months out. Also, those rock chicks are probably haunting the new shop, not the staunch alterations place, I would think.  Best of luck whatever you decide!

It sounds like you'd like to go to the new shop, but you're afraid to since they're a new business. It's always a risk, but if you believe you could do more of the things you're interested in at the new shop then make the jump! Maybe they need someone like you to help their business thrive! Either that or maybe you could go back to your current boss and tell her/him about the new job offer. Maybe she/he would be willing to give you a little more freedom (or money) if faced with the possibility of losing you. Good luck in whatever you decide!

Thank you all! You have been very helpfull. I think I had made up my mind to take the job as soon as it was offered. I was just worried/afraid to take the jump.

Thanks Ladies

I would tell your current boss about the job offer and see what he says or does about it. If he wants to keep you very bad, he'll offer you a nice big pay raise in my opinion. I certainly would.  Sounds like your a wonderful seamstress and the other shop knows it.  Don't be afraid to take the jump. If all fails, you can always open your own shop!  I wish I'd done that myself years ago!  I was too afraid!

Love your new profile pic Stacey

Hope the job's going well - sounds fantastic!

Your old boss would totally understand about your need to stretch yourself and it won't hurt to keep in touch and maintain the relationship over time - just in case.

Following your dreams!  How exciting!


Trish x

Thank you Trish, I have a makeover done by The Lindy Charm School for Girls. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks again for your advise ladies.  You've been very helpful.

Have been following this with interest.  All the best for the future!


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