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Help, I cannot figure out how to post my accessorize challenge photos

Hi, I am new here, I posted a pic of myself on the sewing circle area of this website, that is me wearing the southwest peasant blouse. I cannot figure out how to post to the area of the website where it shows all of this weeks creations for the challenge. What am I missing here?

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Did you contact Mena when she did the call-out for contributors? If so, she would have sent you a PDF that explains how you would get yourself set-up to be a member of the public sew weekly challenge community. If not, you should send her a message and let her know you want to be part of the weekly challenge and have a role in the blog. (At least I think that's how it works).

Megan is right, you need t be a contributor to post to the main page, but you can always post your creations here in the Circle too!

Hello- I think I have the same issue, I thought I added it to the challenge, but it isnt there when I look. Sorry if it is in the wrong spot!

Oh- I may know- I didnt tag it with accessorise- maybe that affected where it ended up?


 When you tag it accessories, that is just putting it in the right category.. so that when you pull up a certain category ,it will be in there..

   But , Megan is correct, to be a contributor  and post on the main page, you have to contac Mena and join the 2012 challenge. The home page is still open to post your photos too.[If you dont wont to do the 2012 challenge]..

   It is fine that you posted on the home page.. I did the 2011 sew weekly challenges, but I am not doing  the 2012 challenge, so therefore, I will post photos of what challenges I do on the home page..[and still tag them for whatever challenge your doing].. Hope this helps. Happy sewing.

Thank you for your replies. That all makes sense. Guess I will continue to post here until I decide whether I have time to do every challenge on this site.

I think I will continue to post them on the wall, I can't be sure I will have time to do them each week. Thank you!


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