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Ha Charlotte I bet you never played "heads up 7up"…


Okay not what I wanted to pass on to you all…

check this out 20% off Colette patterns, fill out the survey today or tomorrow…

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Now Cathe... You are soooooooooo bad!!!!!!! You know, I have been wanting that other skirt

pattern.. but have swore off buying anymore. and you come up with  the word 'COLETTE  SALE".

How can I resist? hahhahaha

Yes but it's a decent discount...if that helps justify such a purchase! I say go for it! ha!!
Thanks for the link! I'm so new to the online sewing community, I'd never even heard of Colette Patterns until I joined here, but there is some delicious eye candy there. Any recommendations? =)
So far I have only made Colette's separates, the Ginger skirt, Violet blouse, Sencha blouse and the free Sorbetto top. All but Sencha are rated beginner but they all sew up so nicely, hence my multiples. Some of the other ladies can tell you more about the dresses. Mena did a 7/7 challenge based all on Colettes dresses, that too can give you good insight.

I feel the patterns are very good and well written. Colette's blog has nice tutorials on invisible zippers (or zips for Charlotte), bias tape and other goodies that really help guide you through challenges. A Fashionable Stitch (another sewing blog) did a Ginger sew-along with really clear visual instructions too.

I don't think you can go wrong with whichever pattern you go with.
Unless you are short in the body, which I am and I found that Rooibos is too long (and low) in the bodice section, I've got the pattern alts. marked, but the fabric I was working with is meh colourwise & a bit stiff (cordory), and I haven't decided which other fabric to try it in yet.  But apart from that I like the pattern.


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