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I'm looking for a pattern for a simple cotton nightdress. Perhaps Victorian style. I want to make it from 100% cotton - probably white.

I was thinking of something sleeveless/spaghetti straps which reaches just below the knee.

Any ideas?

(I'm a beginner!)


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You might not need a pattern if it is simple.  You could use a pretty summer top, and just add a big gathered rectangle to form the skirt.  I am sure it will look very pretty.

You are right. I think thats the way I will go. I am a complete beginner to sewing clothes. I have never done it! I have embroidered and sewn curtains, pillows etc but never whole items. I thought this would be a good way to start. 

I'm planning to use an old bedsheet!

Hi Laura,

 Have you thought about a slip pattern? I found one on ebay [vintage pattern].It  really looked like

what your going for??  I havent looked in the big 4 books lately, so not sure if they have the slips or

not/ but check Ebay and Etsy... Hope this helps.

I will have a look for patterns... I am a total beginner for sewing clothes and I'm dithering between that and Trish's suggestion above.

Thanks for your help!

 You are welcome.. Hope you enjoy your new found sewing.. [sewing clothes]..It really is so fun.. Cant wait to see ,what you  come up with.. Have fun and Happy sewing.

Colette has a nightgown, but, I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner.  But you might what to check it out anyway.  

One key to whatever you make is to use nice, high quality clothing cotton.  Don't use quilting cotton.  Won't be comfy.

Thanks Susan. I hadn't thought too much about the material. I just assumed that a smooth old, 100% cotton sheet would be ok! I will look into it.

Have you checked Etsy also under spaghetti strap nightgown or dress?


Here's one that might be doable.

Thank you - this does look good! I live in The Netherlands though so postage here from the US gets taxed incoming. VERY ANNOYING!! I will look some more though!


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