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A couple of weeks ago when I was looking for instructions for a pattern adjustment, I came across a link to Lutterloh patterns.  This German company publishes booklets with miniature versions of patterns and you use a sliding scale to draft them in your size. They claim that this system makes patterns to fit every body. (Although, from what I've read elsewhere I assume that standard pattern alterations would still be necessary in many cases).  


But what appeals to me is that you're not locked into the printed size, and they've been in business since the 1930's which mean that there are vintage editions available on Ebay and Etsy, which could be drafted in my (modern and slightly plus) size for which printed patterns of the day generally take far too much work to resize.


So I'm wondering, does anyone out there have any experience using Lutterloh patterns?  Did you like them/dislike them? Can they really be drafted in any size?  Or does their "Golden Rule" fall apart at a size 12?



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