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Has anybody made anything in a banana fabric yet?

I just found this article on the Guardian website and thought I'd share it with you. What do you think of the fruit prints that are supposed to be all the rage this year?


Banana fabric

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 Oh...I love the fruit fabrics...watermelon, apples, cherries ,oranges and yes bananas too..  I didnt think it was vulgar at all.. I thought really cute..  My mind went into overdrive..I thought how about mixing that banana print with tiny black and white polka dot..Wouldnt that be cute???

Yes, I agree - the banana fabric in the picture is very attractive. Well, I certainly haven't found any 'fruit' fabric in our small town in the north-east of Greece!

When you said "banana fabric" I thought you mean fabric that was made out of banana skins, lol.  

I thought it might be the latest eco-friendly fabric.  

Could be a bit slippery and difficult to sew!
I just got a cherry fabric... if i am quick it can make into this week challenge
Yummy... Love cherries..and yours was beautiful..Cant wait to see what you do...

Judy I was recently in New York and I came across this store window and thought of you. It's Stella Mccartney's store and I have to say I really love it!


Sorry this is a bit blurry.


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