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I don't think we do halloween in the UK like you do in the US. It's basically kids (under 10 years old) dressed up a witches and ghosts. That's kind of it. We might also carve a pumpkin, although this is a new idea, when I was young we just carved a swede (!).


So I would love to know your thoughts on what you have made in the past for halloween and what we could be aiming at for the upcoming challenge..........





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Brits don't eat pumpkins?  But then, we use swede's as food for farm animals here in NZ.  Go figure.  *shrug*

No, we eat pumpkin. In soup etc. But I don't even remember seeing them when I was small, now they are all over the place at Halloween. I certainly didn't eat any when I was a child in the 70s. For me it is a newish thing.

Swede is lovely mashed with carrot and butter. As a lantern it's not so great. They are really hard and solid so it took my Dad ages to hollow it out. Then the candle makes them smell weird. I don't think we did anything else for halloween much as a child apart from the swede lantern! Maybe my family was just odd ;0)

Swedes and pumpkins are a new idea - I never saw them around as a child and it's only since living in Norfolk that I've noticed them significantly - also growing in fields (that's quite amazing to see for me).  It's definitely an American thing that's gradually made its way over here.
By the way, I've just been in town and found myself some Halloween accessories - they're all over the place...  
Spooky! Love your pink challenge skirt - are you doing this week too or skipping straight to Broadway? x
I am doing this week but it's not an item of clothing - it's an accessory and it involves making felt.  I'm busy at the moment with squeezy bottles full of water and a rolling pin!    

All sounds very Blue Peter - good luck! I made a scarf and a flower corsage myself last week and STILL made it onto the main page highlights! I was super chuffed.


Actually I am skipping Broadway and going straight  to nightwear and Halloween, although I have been in the last four in a row so I don't feel too bad. Broadway didn't suggest anything to me that I want to make right now.... I have sleepwear plans and this thread has given me a plan for Halloween....

Blue Peter??????????????/ what in the world.hahahhahahah


I am chuffed to find out.hahahha

Tee hee! I knew I'd get you with that one Judy: it is a long running children's tv programme on the BBC (British tv channel) that has been on since the 50s I think. It is famous for a bit of the show where they would make something out of old yogurt pots and so on (usually a present for mother's day or something like a pen pot for father's desk!) - so what I was saying to Diane was that she was making something using bits and pieces from the house.... there isn't a British person who doesn't know Blue Peter!


Glad you are chuffed... I'm off to my stool of do nothing with a cuppa now xx

Don't forget the Sticky Back plastic!

Actually I've found a good use for it - make your own oilcloth for waterproof coats and bags

Thought you might all like this photo from today!

You look great - especially like the shoes with it. 


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