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I don't think we do halloween in the UK like you do in the US. It's basically kids (under 10 years old) dressed up a witches and ghosts. That's kind of it. We might also carve a pumpkin, although this is a new idea, when I was young we just carved a swede (!).


So I would love to know your thoughts on what you have made in the past for halloween and what we could be aiming at for the upcoming challenge..........





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I have no idea what to do for this one.  None at all.  I don't want to make a costume as, quite frankly, I'll never wear it.  We don't really do Halloween over here in NZ.  (Which I'm actually quite glad about - it seems kinda wrong to celebrate it a full 6 months out from when it's meant to be!)


Now I think about it, maybe I'll make something with a little bit of a Halloween flavour to it.  Black.  Orange.  Perhaps something with a black cat print.  In a subtle, I-can-wear-this-to-work sort of way.  Maybe something like that could work, something like a black skirt and orange top, since those are Halloween colours?

Thanks Kat, good suggestions. I seem to remember Sarah over on the grown up main site posted a pic of herself dressed in a tribute to Hitchcock's The Birds that she said was a Halloween costume. We don't do that at all in the UK - it's a witch or a zombie etc. That's about it!

Well Charolette.. I am so in your boat too. I am in the USA, and honestly, have never went to a halloween party ,as an adult. We dressed up in costumes and went "trick or treating" in my younger days. but now.. its just one of those days ,that just slips on by.ha.

  I was thinking something orange or with leaves /pumpkins.. fall type fabric.. That way could wear it all time..  'NO costumes.ha.


  You have me ,AGAIN.. what is a  swede??? hahaha. [I  know you love it!!!!!hahahaa]

It's one of these ! We eat it mashed with carrots or in a stew. What do you call it?


That looks like a turnip to me, swedes are more yellow, could you cut it open so we can check?  :)

By the way the Scots call swedes 'neaps' as in ' haggis, neaps & tatties' for Burns Night

sorry. I ate it. ;0)

Ha,hahahahaha. we call it a turnip... and we too, cook it and eat it smashed up..Some people stew it in their turnip/mustard green and eat it with them..

     Do you carve these? Our children carve jack o latern faces on pumpkins?/ Do you?

 So fun to learn ... thanks .

A picture for Judy, Kat and Trish of us buying swede today at the supermarket.... Mia is helpfully pointing them out
Are you sure swedes aren't people? Like from Sweden? Just asking...
Exactly my point, being from Sweden and all... :)
I like this, it's so much harder if you yjink you will never wear an item again!
Totally agree.


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