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I don't think we do halloween in the UK like you do in the US. It's basically kids (under 10 years old) dressed up a witches and ghosts. That's kind of it. We might also carve a pumpkin, although this is a new idea, when I was young we just carved a swede (!).


So I would love to know your thoughts on what you have made in the past for halloween and what we could be aiming at for the upcoming challenge..........





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My buddy Charolette.. what in the world is parkin?????????? You have bum fuzzled me on that one.ha.

 We do  what we call a 'wennie Roast"..which is hotdogs and marshmellows roasted over a wood fire? Would this be what  a parkin is ??  marshmellow?? Dying to hear this one.

Tee hee Parkin is a cake eaten on Bonfire Night see recipe in the north of England, not marshmallow at all ;0)


Do you know what Bonfire Night is Judy??? It's on 5th Nov. Do you celebrate that?


Bumfuzzled - you crack me up ;0)



haahahhahaha,... I was way off on that one, wasnt I?? 

  the parfin sounds good. I ran off a copy of the recipe, I am going

to try it.. I will tell Kenny on Nov.5th we will have Bonfire night..hahaha

 nope Charolette. we dont do Bonfire night.. Never heard of that one..Let

me in on it.. I will need to know what Kenny and I are suppose to do  ,while

we eat our

 Bumfuzzled..  [proud you got a laugh.ha]

You will need to have fireworks and a bonfire, eat hotdogs and parkin. That's about it but on the bonfire you need to burn a guy.... ( a kind of scarecrow usually made from old clothes stuffed with newspaper).

It is to celebrate the capture of Guy Fawkes who was caught trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 when the king was visiting.


Doesn't that sound like fun??????? 

Don't forget that kids used to make up Guy's 1-2 weeks early and go around asking 'A penny for the guy'

Some villages still have Guy making competitions.

I also have a poster with the slogan 'Guy Fawkes, the only man to enter the Houses of Parliment with honest intentions!'

Are you sure Parkin isn't what teenagers do and then they go on to...

Or is that a tailgate party???

Cathe, I laughed so hard when I read this. I almost fell out of my chair..  When I first read about the parkin... I too had this instant thought... But I didnt have the guts to  say it.hahahhaha.


  Now, Miss smarty Cathe... what is your thought on Charolette's new words, "BLue Peter".I laughed till I cried ,when I read

Judy I can not discuss "blue peter" it just ain't right! and as for parkin, bad news! These UK girls are Krazy!

Another idea for those of you who want to sew a costume but dont want to waste fabric on something you only wear once

I was Sally from "Nightmare before christmas" last year and the whole costume is made from leftover scraps from other projekts.

Great photo!

A swede Lol!  Yes is it true that you English won't even eat Pumpkin?  I heard you just feed it to the cows - man, you are missing out.

I am with you Charlotte in it being only a relatively new idea - I did it once as an 11 year old.  My kids are totally into it but having just forked out $300 to have my son's tooth repaired - me, not so much!


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