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I have never gone patternless before. Draping? Isn't that just what they do on Project Runway? Does anyone know of website how-to's or tutorials on this? Please share some if you do. Thanks.

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Gertie has had a few posts (and guest posts) about draping, although none that I'd call a beginner-tutorial. It seems like a fairly simple process, though, at least for basic shapes

You and me both on this Barbara - oh well, it will be interesting to see what we come up with :-D

Me three Jen..think I will sit it out and see what great things , people come up with.. Happy sewing all.

There's a good tutorial on how to draft a basic skirt pattern on, if that interests you at all.  :-)

thank you! I'll have a squizz

Hi ladies! I love draping, and have basically just gone trial-and-error by (before I even had anything than myself to drape on) sewing simple shapes together and then standing in front of a mirror pinching and pinning until it looked like I wanted. ;-) However later I have found great help in the book "The Art of Fashion Draping". Also there are some how-to videos on youtube, here's just the first one I found off the bat: . I'm sure there are loads others if you go from there!  Good luck and I hope you'll find this just as fun as I do!

Thanks everyone for the tips and  ideo links on draping. It really doesn't look that hard. I might give it a try since ii love learning new things.

I think that you can also draft your own pattern, because the challenge says Patternless -- making something we draft ourselves. For drafting, there are two books that I have made things from, one is Sew What Skirts

And one is Suzy Furrer's Building Patterns the Architecture of Women's Clothing

The Suzy Furrer book is awesome, but very textbooky, and hard to go through on your own. In this book, they go through making different slopers, like your torso, skirts and trouser sloper, then how to draft up different collars, necklines, sleeves, etc.  The Sew What Skirts talks about drafting your own skirt, and it's super easy to do.

I think the best bet is to draft your own skirt, and there are many online tutorials on how to do this. I think it's harder to draft your own dress or pants, unless you go through making your own sloper and then drafting a pattern from that.

I've never tried draping before, so I really don't have any comments on that.


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