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We're working with Colette Patterns this week and sharing our Spring Palette! Get 15% off in March by using the code: SWSPRING at the Colette Patterns shop. Or sew this free bloomers pattern from CP

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OK, this may be a rather basic question, but everyone is putting up such nice collages of their project plans (here and over at Colette) and I am just wondering what tools people are using to compile their images.
Thank you!

I don't have a spring palette but I do have a finished crepe dress! Hooray!


I am really relieved because it's late here in England, I can only sew once my little girl is in bed, tomorrow night I am going to wear my first crepe dress (from the valentine challenge 2 weeks ago) to my lovely friend Gemma's engagement party and then it is Sunday.... so I had to finish tonight or not meet the challenge.


I will get photos tomorrow I hope!

This was my Spring Palette:

Spring Wardrobe Challenge 

and here's what I've made thus far:

I love this dress!  It isn't the best color ever on me, but that's what happens when you attack your fabric stash.  At least now I know I like the pattern.  I might add an inch or two to the hem length, but besides that, I think it's pretty much a perfect design.   Here's a close-up of the bodice:

I didn't do a spring palette as I was too late but I did do a few posts on summer wardrobe, Sorry to link you all to my blog but there is just too many photos!

I was going for corals and mustards and greens and turquoisy blue.


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