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Is anyone thinking about taking Gertie's new online course to make a bombshell dress

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Wow what a great idea and the price is really great. Not sure I need this dress although lovely. I guess I could run through the woods in it…Tempting for sure!
But the base could help with so many things. Think lace overlay with a full skirt...and the party to attend in it:)
oh I'm with you, the learning curve sounds great! Are you going to join?
Yes, I signed up to get the discount, but won't start for a bit. I am traveling the next few weeks and won't have anytime.
I so agree, I believe I will join too!
I think I want to take it myself!  Learning to construct a bodice where I don't necessarily have to wear a bra would be awesome!
Yay! I am glad others are going to take the plunge.
I'm signed up! And very excited!
I just signed up too! I'm going fabric shopping this weekend, and really need to sew something that won't suck for a change. I trust Gertie to help me make that happen :)
Well, as it turns out I have a wedding to go to in September.
Oh boy, you'll have to share your thoughts as you make this dress. I'm not sure when I will tackle this but it's in the cue!
Have any of you finished your Bombshell dress yet?  I have yet to start mine, but I've watched all the videos, and I've been trying to incorporate as many of Gertie's sewing lessons into my recent garments.  I hope to get to my muslin sometime this month...


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