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The Gatsby meet is coming up and I don’t own a single 20's/30's pattern!

Looking through all my patterns for something similar I found these options:

Butterick 5417, view c

McCalls 3385, the flapper dress.


McCalls 3006.


What do you all think? Fabric choices?

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All 3 patterns are doable but  I think if you do the McCalls pattern in one of the vintage inspired cottons by Spotlight, you'll get a dress you can wear afterwards... the 20s were about drop waists but the neckline off of your New Look 6157 (I think that's the number, the purple dotty dress you made) could work with a slim skirt!  Check out this link

Good Luck!


I would go with Butterick 5417. In the right fabric and a bit longer, you will have a perfect dress. I am planning on this dress and it is in the same vain as yours. See you next week
Oh this is a hard one! I like all the suggestions too!

If I was doing this challenge for the event I would "probably" use option three with the drop waist. I'd use a float fabric and maybe make it sleeveless and alter the body to take down the pouffiness. After all that thinking and the fact I said "probably" (I tend to change my mind a lot) I would go with your first pattern choice and make the alts Shannon suggested. I'm sure whatever you do will look wonderful!
OMG I just realized that I meant to write Butterick not McCalls!! Otherwise it makes not sense!!!
 I really like the first one... But the last one..really looks like the 30's.. I think which ever one you choose..will be great..Have fun..

Thanks for all the ideas ladies!

Just look through my sewing room I found this tin!

Looks a lot like Butterick 5417!

Oh, there's the perfect inspiration! Beautiful!
Definitely the Butterick. The overall shape on that one is pretty true to the '30s, as are both sleeve options. The other two patterns are totally pastiches - for example, the '80s does '20s drop waist poufs out above the skirt, but actual '20s dresses didn't do that, at least not in that proportion - you'd have to fight with the big shoulders and giant armholes, and the sleeves should be skinny. As Shannon said, the only change to the Butterick would be to make it longer - you'd want it mid-calf at least.

As for fabric, those graceful '30s styles were made in drapey fabric like silk crepe and rayon faille. For a reasonable price you could probably find a rayon challis in a pretty floral print...just prewash carefully, because rayon can shrink like crazy! A cotton voile could work, too, if it's soft - they have some on sale at Hancock's right now- but would need a lining or better yet a full slip.
I agree with everyone else on the Butterick - especially after finding that tin! Actually I may need to steal my inspiration from you. My white skirt to go with my sailor blouse isn't working out and I think I could actually wear the Butterick in a non-gatsby event as well.  Good luck with your dress!
When i was in college, I had a vintage day dress from 1928 that looked almost exactly like the Butterick view was a soft brown paisley number that I absolutely adored...
I love the 1st pattern... Silk would my fabric choice...


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