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Can someone show me where to get the gadget to add to my blog?  I feel like I need some gPS  navigational help since I've been hunting and can't find it anywhere on this site!



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Do you mean the "I'm sewing along" or "Sewing Circle member" button things that people put on their blogs? (Sorry, I don't have a blog - I'm not sure about the terminology!!). Here's a link to the sets Mena made for people to put on their blogs: 


Hope this is what you meant!!

Button!  That's what it's called!  Thank you so much, because I thought it was called a gadget and I was going crazy trying to find it.  "I know I saw it somewhere....maybe if I just look in this archive.....maybe this one....maybe this one."etc.etc.

Thx Amanda

Ah-ha, "button"! I admit I was quite curious to see what the "gadget" was. Either way I learned something too so thank you!


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