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My sewing machine is still not working properly and is on its way to the rubbish tip if it doesn't improve very very soon. It has one final chance this morning but if the engineer can't sort it out once and for all I am getting a new one before I also lose my sanity!


Someone posted a link a bit ago to sewing machine reviews but I can't find it again, if anyone has that link I'd be grateful.


The shop I am going to for a new machine has a special offer on Frister + Rossmann machines. The one I fancy looks good on the net but I have never heard of this company. Any thoughts?



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oh yes! lol, I had completely forgotten.... tee hee


 I promise you girls , when I get off this computer..I am fixing to go ask Kenny..

" Do you need any new  undercrackers?"... He will look  at me like..that woman has lost her everloving mind..hahahha. I love to do that!!!hahaha

tee hee what did he say? I laughing out loud AGAIN, Judy you are so funny
I say underroos... not sure why
Yeah I want to know too! He might strongly suggest you give up Sew Weekly!

Just as I predicted..he said, WHAT????? with that look of "how dumb is this woman I married?".  I  told him, I was asking did he need some new underwear? He died out laughing and said.. that has to be coming from that lady ,  the uh uh  sewing place your on all time..[speaking of Charolette T]. When he quit rolling  laughing, he said he knew ,I had to be motiviated by someone.. I wouldnt ever have offered so nicely to go buy him underwear.


 He also ask.. how in the world ,did it get the name "undercrackers?'.. I told him ,I dont know..probably like we  came up with naming  them drawers.hahahaha. Which he then replied.."Well..who in the world came up with drawers?" and" How in the name of Heaven ,do ya'll get into that conversation?"

  He then turned away from me..went back to his movie..and was finished with our "drawers, undercrackers, briefs,underwear" conversation.

Okay that's really funny!

well Judy you certainly had fun with that one, I had a laugh with Carl too yesterday evening when I asked him to name me his underwear so I could check what he called it!


Poor Kenny, does this mean he is getting new undercrackers or not????

Haven't got a clue where 'undercrackers' comes from or what it means!  I think it's from the North-East, though I'm probably wrong ...  

I have had my Janome for about 15 years now and it works really well,  I would certainly recommend them.  I rarely mess about with the tension discs between jobs unless I a trying to use a thicker thread on the top.  The only time I was a bit concerned about it not running too well (about 7 years ago) I sorted out the problem by opening up the sections that opened and giving it a good dust and hoovering out (must be coming up time for another one! :) ).  I use my machine fairly hard with every type of fabric (& leather) as I also 'do alterations' for other people.

By the way if your machine repair man recommends them you know that he should know his way around them for servicing and after sales care - something else to consider. 

Thanks Rosemary, yes, I am seriously considering buying a new Janome machine from my engineer becasue he must know his way around them and also I know where he lives so I can go around and stand in his garden crying (if the new machine turns out anything like the old one) until he puts it right ;0)


But seriously it is really helpful to know that you have had a positive experience with Janome. Good luck with your seven yearly "spring clean"!


My overlocker is also by Janome, which has the added advantage that they both use the same foot pedal/electric socket thingy, so I can just unplug one machine, swap it for the other and plug in & sew and only have one cable trailing for both machines.  (I am lucky enough to have a sewing room cum guest room so I don't have to pack them away at the end of the day.  Although finding the guest beds is another matter entirely lol)


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