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I have just finished sewing my first ever challenge. It was a tunic dress from a 2010 edition of Burda Style magazine. I measured myself right, cut the pattern right, cut the fabric right and followed all the instructions, but I've now made something that doesn't fit.

 The dress had a yoke panel that attached to a pin-tucked front. I think the yoke is my biggest problem.

 Are there any online tutorials that may teach me how to ease in a yoke onto a dress? The only  youtube videos I see are men's shirts.


I have un-picked the dress and I've thought about sewing in an extra panel into the back to widen the front and so far this is working but the yoke just doesn't sit right.


Any tips would be great.



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Hello Chloe.


I'll have another look at the pattern when I get home. Thanks for the help, I'll let you know how it goes.




Push comes to shove, you can always go to the library. There are a whole lot of books on different techniques. Sometime I found picture to be very helpful.

I don't know why I didn't think of a book! Goes to show that modern technology has made me less intelligent! I wonder if the Burda Style Handbook has been released in Australia, I will have to investigate.

Thanks Roxanne

I love the things that I have learned that way. Sometimes there are so many ways to do things. I loved just reading about it. I checked out the  Vogue Haute Couture Book SOOO many times! Have fun with it. Even if it doesn't come out the way it was originally intended, it will be individually you! No one else will have it!

Hi Bianca, 

Yay on sewing your first challenge!

Easing, as Chloe mentioned is an important step and she explained it well.  You mentioned  there was a pin-tucked front. Is it possible your pin-tucks ended up larger or smaller than was intended? Being off just a fraction of an inch combined with a lot of pin tucks can make your piece smaller or larger than it's supposed to be.  Ask me how I know :-)

Which issue is it? If we could look up the design that might help us help you too.


Hi Sharon,


I am positive I got the pin tucked section right because there was a panel to cut out with the pattern that I was supposed to overlay on top of the pin tucked section after I basted each pleat. When I did this my pin tucks fit perfectlty within this panel. So I know that's fine. I think it's definately the yoke. I will need to un-pick the dress and start again I think.


When I get home I'll put up the photo of the dress as well as the style info. It's from a Burda Style Magazine from 2010 but that's all I know at the moment.


I love this site, what a helpful way to learn how to sew!


Oh! That's great that a pattern piece was included so you could check your pintucks!
I'll wait to see what pattern it is and we'll see if we can help turn the fail into a success.

The first dress I made was a burda pattern too and ran into the same problem. After measuring, cutting and sewing with instructions from a seasoned sewing teacher my dress was pretty far from fitting. Later I realized that the burda patterns do not include seam allowances. Now that I know more it seems like a pretty silly mistake but since this was only my second time using a pattern I didn't even realize that was a possiblity 

Wow I am glad you said that Edda! I have some Brudda patterns that I want to sew. I have never made a Bruda pattern. Thanks for the info.

mmm I put seam allowances. It has to be the yoke. Right ladies, I will endevour to sort this out over the weekend and then let you know.


Hi Bianca, Give YouTube a try.  Lots of sewing videos on there that have helped me.  I find it harder to learn from a book.  I need a visual demonstration.


Hi Everyone,


Sorry it's been awhile- trying to complete a PhD and sew is not a good mix!

Spent a little time with Mum going over where I went wrong with this dress  this weekend, and she showed me the ease stitch for my yoke. Hey presto, it' fits! Just need to finish the hem and I can post a picture.


Thanks again for all your help.




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