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How do you guys carve out time to sew? Mine involves a six pack, a hammock and plan to bet my husband into both on Sundays so I can get to my sewing!

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That is a great idea Judy! Especially for folks with little ones, carving out any me time can be difficult, but if you get your spouse on board (and have them wrangle the kiddos) it can be done!

Yes I'm with all of you, husband,4 boys, dog, chickens, garden,working 4 days la la la the list goes on. To be honest I don't know how I fit it in, but I do! I have no hard and fast rules, but because I'm often thinking about my projects when I'm busy doing other stuff I know what my next step will be, this means when I do get some time I'm on the case straight away.


  ooooh stress...we need a few more hours ,dont we.. I too.. think about my projects  that I am going to do while doing chores.. I also.... go to sleep at night----planning my next project..[wonder If I dont dream about them,hahaha]

   Happy sewing...when we find the time.

I laughed so hard at this, Sarah. I wish we had a place to put a hammock, because I'd copy your idea and probably have the whole day to myself! Sadly, I don't have any advice when it comes to making time. Well, I've found football (both NFL and Premier League) season is a great time to get stuff done.


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