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How do you guys carve out time to sew? Mine involves a six pack, a hammock and plan to bet my husband into both on Sundays so I can get to my sewing!

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 I read an article on the internet [cant remember where,sorry...just one of those browsing days]. anyway, a lady was saying, that she  sit  aside  15 minutes of "me time" every evening. She said, it became known to the family, that it was her 15 minutes.. She said, she had no time to sew and was very upset ,because she couldnt make anything. She said, you would be surprised how much you could accomplish with a set 15 minutes. She also said that some days ,she would get started and maybe get to squeeze in 30 minutes..But even on her busy days...she would go to her sewing room and   have her "me time".And sometimes it was only to go and choose her fabric or whatever..

     I have never done this...but the lady made it sound very interesting.. And if your life and chores doesnt leave you any sewing time..It might be worth a try??? Happy Sewing..and hope we all find time for our 'ME  TIME".

Judy - this reminds me of some advice my mother gave me just last week. I was lamenting that I never seem to have time to sew, and she told me to take 30 minutes every day (and set a timer). She said that I'd get way more done than grabbing an hour here and there when I could manage to "make" time. After reading your comment, I think I'm going to give this a try. (Because I can't just do what my mother said in the first place. hahaha!)

 Hope it works Amy.. and you are so right...we HAVE to do what mama says..Hahaha

Let me it works..We may all be trying it.

Wow, I'm not sure I could get anything done in 15 minutes. I do get the concept of  "me time" and think that's really important but I seriously hope it is more than 15 minutes…since there is 23 hours and 45 minutes left in the day…I probably spend 15 minutes drink coffee in the morning, maybe less…
Ha,ha,ha.. Cathe.. we may need to up our 'me time'   to 30 minutes..[since we have to have 15 minutes coffee/coke break... You make my day !!!! 
I conclude I must not be very productive!

I think I'd have a problem doing that as for the other 23hrs and 45 all I could think about would be those precious 15 minutes!

I do it on a reward basis. If i've done a certain amount of work, I can sew.

But I don't have to juggle children or too much work yet! Lord knows how you all can produce such fab things!


Lack of time is one issue and the other is just being too tired to think straight!

I like the idea of a reward...but in my case I'm not sure what I should be rewarded for...Ha!

Reward Cathe...for------------ Hard work!!!  Sticking with her goal----------- Making some beautiful garments----------All while  doing a very demanding full time job!!!

and of course...for taking that 15 minute coffe break.hahhaha]

My rewards are normally housework or uni work based. I write 2,000 words. I can sew, I do 4 loads of washing... I can sew etc. But then I put the boring bits of sewing in as housework sometimes. For example. Cutting interfacing pieces I've left to wither and ironing them. One of my least favorite sewing jobs!


My least favorite too..I hate ironing...and I really hate interfacing ironing..yuk,yuk... But we have to take the get to the  good part..
Ugh - I hate ironing too! And cutting interfacing - I have no idea why I dislike that so much!


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