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How do you guys carve out time to sew? Mine involves a six pack, a hammock and plan to bet my husband into both on Sundays so I can get to my sewing!

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  That is such a hard question and so hard to deal with.. I especally remember the years I worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital..I wanted to sew sooooooo badly.Time was so hard to find. When I would get a day off.. there were so many chores to do. Things have improved since my retirement..But I still..find myself needing a couple more hours in the day...

   I love to sew and I think about it nonstop.... sometimes...I think have to let one of those chores go..enjoy that special sewing moment.. the chores will be there again tomorrow [whether you do it today or not?? ha]

  Happy Sewing...and hope you find that special time.

I remember a few years ago asking a friend of mine how she found time to sew clothes and historical costumes.  She had two little kids and ran a business with her husband, so she must have had about 1-2 hours off everyday, during which she had to do everything around the house etc.  She told me that she just somehow managed it because she loved to do it so much.  

Now *I* have two little ones, a full time job, and the president of a non-profit association, and not much time to myself.... but I still grab the occasional hour or two after I get everyone to bed.  The dirty house can wait until we have the threat of visitors ;)  I think that when you are very pressed for time, you recognize that your free minutes here and there are very precious and you never waste them!  When I was childless, I remember spending long hours reading travel guides, planning menus, cooking, daydreaming....whatever.  Now I am much more efficient with my time!

so love your line...' The dirty house can wait until we have the threat of visitors'. This seems to be exactly how I run my house these days!! lol.... and is the only way I can get any sewing done.

Ditto! I tell myself that I'll clean regularly but frankly...I'd rather spend my time sewing or knitting or writing...heck, ANYTHING but cleaning. I'll slap us (metaphorically, of course) into respectability when people come to call. Otherwise, I'll be upstairs in my sewing room while the dirty dishes soak in the sink.
YES! Love that - I am the same way! If it's just us, the dishes can wait - I'm gonna sew!
Boy does this sound familiar.  Clean?  MADNESS!  I've got SEWING to do!  But now I have a mess of people coming over for a BBQ tomorrow.  *FRANTIC CLEANING MODE*
I seem to have go into a kind of routine now since doing this for 5 months. As soon as we get the theme notification, I start mulling it over, then use the coming weekend to get the various components together, as I'm going about my usual chores and shopping. I'll probably start cutting out on the Sunday, or if no time, (weeds in the garden are now starting to appear BIG ones...), in the evenings of the following week. I'll then start to sew, the following Saturday afternoon (after I've done my morning shop). I usually swim on a Sunday morning and I'll do any finishing off when I come back from there. I can't do anything in daytime Mon-Fri because I work full-time and commute there. It's all been a great discipline though and I just love doing something creative or knowing that it's there to do when I get home.

Finding time is always an issue.

As a student I have plenty of time compared to others. Most of my days are free and I can mooch about and sew to my hearts content. Although I do have to keep house too (Piemakers dinner won't get there on its own!) Nothing tends to happen sewing wise on the weekends really because Its the only decent time I have with my boyfriend and if a deadline approaches pretty much all sewing goes out the window. The problem comes when I can't sew like in these situations. I am consumed by it. I can't stop thinking about it. It is an addiction certainly! I have to do a bit most days or I go a bit stir crazy. God knows what will happen when I get a full time Job. I think I may need to have my own fabric shop!


You know, it's really hard and sometimes I wonder why I just don't give in and go out and buy something and be done with it but now that would be defeating wouldn't it?!


I work fulltime but I like the balance of a creative project in my own time. I really don't get much done during the week nights so it has to happen on the weekend. And I'm not always sure how I find the time. I guess as long as it's fun (and it is) I'll just find the time. That isn't really a very good answer…it's all wishy-washy in my world!

This is an interesting thread, time to sew is a perennial problem! I seem to be ideas rich and time poor.... the road to sewing hell is paved with good intentions!


I work full time and I leave the house at 7:20. When I get home I am occupied with my mini-me until 7pm when she is in bed. Then if the jobs are done, and once I am sure she is asleep (machine noise), I can sew. BUT often I am too tired and I don't do anything at all ;0(


I have realised that my main problem is that I am too ambitious. I want to do everything at once, then I am overwhelmed. So I like the deadlines on sewweekly because it forces me to focus,  get a wriggle on and actually do it.


I agree with Judy, sometimes I leave the chores for another day. Also, like Vicki I remember the days when I had hours to please myself but now I am much better at using time efficiently..... and like Diane (Marguerite designs) I have found I need time to think and make plans. That part I really enjoy and often go to sleep thinking about this week's theme!


I have sewn for about an hour and a half tonight. Good times!


  You always tell it in the right perspective.. I agree totally.. So proud you had a good sewing evening..Happy sewing.

 I read an article on the internet [cant remember where,sorry...just one of those browsing days]. anyway, a lady was saying, that she  sit  aside  15 minutes of "me time" every evening. She said, it became known to the family, that it was her 15 minutes.. She said, she had no time to sew and was very upset ,because she couldnt make anything. She said, you would be surprised how much you could accomplish with a set 15 minutes. She also said that some days ,she would get started and maybe get to squeeze in 30 minutes..But even on her busy days...she would go to her sewing room and   have her "me time".And sometimes it was only to go and choose her fabric or whatever..

     I have never done this...but the lady made it sound very interesting.. And if your life and chores doesnt leave you any sewing time..It might be worth a try??? Happy Sewing..and hope we all find time for our 'ME  TIME".


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