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Looking at Cathe's and Mena's discussions about clothes worn by ourselves when we were young and people who have influenced us, I wondered what favourite 'vintage' photos members of the sewing circle had to share. I was going through old photos with my mum last night in preparation for the challenge next week and these are what we found amongst them. She used to make the majority of her own clothes - my favourite is the polka dot dress, which my mum said she made from, 'a scrap of fabric'. The coloured photo is one she tinted herself with a kit that was around at the time. Maybe we could have a challenge based on our favourite photo from times gone by ...

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Most of our family photos are at home but I have some of my mom & dad wedding - 31 years ago. Hope is vintage enought.

I just love mom's dress !


Wow, your Mom is a knock out! These are great, perfectly vintage 70s!

She's lovely and I can see the resemblance in you.

I know everyone has said it, but, wow you really look like your mum! I just love family photos. thanks for sharing. x x x
Its so funny you all think I look like mom as My whole life everybody told me I looked like my dad. I guess I have been a good mixture of the two and showing different sides as my features changed.
I love these pictures! I agree, the polka dot dress is amazing. :D

My scanner is not cooperative these days, so I'll have to wait on posting decent photos. :(
I love these pictures. Your Mom is charming! I love her style! Thank you for posting this question, I think it's great. When I'm home next week I'll pull some great photos for you.
 I love the polka dot fabric pretty..

I absolutely love my old family photos.... here are a few of my favourite (I was being restrained - there are too many!):

This is my Grandma as a baby in 1918. I just love the lace on her dress!

This is my Great Aunt Joan at the beach in the 1940s:

This is my Grandma (on the right) and her friend both wearing their friend's hats (a fedora and an RAF peak cap):


This is Great Aunt Joan. Grandma had written on the back "I don't believe Joan likes having her photo taken unawares". I don't know why, but it's one of my favourite photos.

Grandma wrote that this photo was taken on Christmas Day, 1940. My Grandma is second on the left. The little boy on the far right is Terry, an evacuee from England that Grandma's family looked after. The older men are Defence Force members - Grandma's family were "respite hosts" during WWII. Between deployments, defence members would stay at Grandma's house and they would take them out on recreational trips (it's how she met my Grandpa!)

I love that your grandma has an arnotts milk arrowroot biscuit on her high chair tray in 1918! some things never change.

and I love that swimsuit on your great aunt Joan.

WOW! These are some amazing photos!!
They're great aren't they -  all so lovely and informal too!  Nearly all the photos I have are 'posed'.


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