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What are the tools you keep close when you are sewing?  These are my favourites:



Fiskars scissors, fabric weights, point turner, gauge, temporary ink pen, tube turner & snips.


Do you have a secret weapon in your sewing box that we should all know about?  Do share ......

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I'll take a photo tomorrow , it's Saturday night here in Europe.
Here is the finger mincushion a friend made for me. It will be handy .
novel idea - no more loosing the pin cushion under fabrics, patterns etc.
pretty much like my wrist cushion, but yours is much more attractive! Thanks for the picture!

This is a pincushion I made recently - I got the idea from a very crafty friend.  Mine is a little out of shape - but I like it!
OH..that's pretty..
I have just cut out 15 pattern pieces in a ridiculously short space of time thanks to a rotary cutter and my lovely big cutting mat - new favourite tools? definitely!
Great  idea Jen...never thought about using a rotary cutter..I have one [I bought for quilting] ,but never use it..Will give it a try.. thanks,
I have ended up (somehow) with two good rotary cutters and two cheapies. I just use the cheapies for paper cutting and save the good ones for material.
So what is the brand and size of the one you like? I have one cutter, and I can't seem to make it work for me. I'd like to know which ones people like.
I have both a large one and a small one. I originally used the large one for cutting piles of fabric for quilting. The smaller one is nice for monuvering around a pattern. I agree, both are useful!


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