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What are the tools you keep close when you are sewing?  These are my favourites:



Fiskars scissors, fabric weights, point turner, gauge, temporary ink pen, tube turner & snips.


Do you have a secret weapon in your sewing box that we should all know about?  Do share ......

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I never thought of doing something like that!  A very useful tip.  I usually use tailors tacks but these are time confusing and wasteful of thread.
I like this tip - beats faffing about with pins.
I do the same thing with an old sewing machine needle.  Push it all the way threw the fabric and it leaves a little hole.
rotary cutter, magnetic pincushion, kai scissor, white carbon and a  no cuting rotary to mark fabric

Hi Racheal,

what is a "non cutting rotary ".. sounds wonderful.The one I have.. cuts into my patterns and tears it..[even if it doesnt tear it the first time,the little holes ...soon becomes tears].

Funny everthing mentioned is right up there, but for today it's that little metal ruler with the plastic slide. Dang if that thing doesn't come in super handy. Oh and second up, I have this funky wrist pin cushion that I use all the time, well, yes it's on my wrist so of course I use it all the time. Now if every other tool could be attached at arms length I would really be singing along!


  I use to have one of those pin cushions..Not sure what happened to it??? but your right, it was so handy.. pins were right pin cushion falling off table, and rolling everywhere..

There is nothing attractive about my pincushion but it's such a good tool!
Judy, you would really laugh at this thing. It looks like Winnie the Pooh's honey pot, in plush and I do refer to it as "the honey pot". Proof I need to bet out more!

Yep Cathe, I would probably laugh at your pin cushion.ha

 my poor ole apple was nearly 30 yrs daughter in law was cutting out

a pattern at my house.When she saw it, she said..'Oh Lord.. this thing is so old

the stuffing is falling out!! why don't you buy another one..they are only a dollar

at wal mart."hahaha. guess what? the next time ,she came, she brought me another

apple..but I still use the ole apple..hers was so much smaller, the thing kept rolling

off the cutting table, and   I figured the ole ,raggedy one .would do better.So we could

laugh at each others ..ha

I was given a finger pin cushion , haven't tried to use it . Has anyone used one? What's it like?
Never! So curious how it works!


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