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What are the tools you keep close when you are sewing?  These are my favourites:



Fiskars scissors, fabric weights, point turner, gauge, temporary ink pen, tube turner & snips.


Do you have a secret weapon in your sewing box that we should all know about?  Do share ......

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My rotary cutter, for sure!  And my ergonomic seam ripper. The bigger size is way easier to find rolling around with the sewing supplies.
Seam ripper & tube turner for the handheld tool category. My serger for the machine. Even though I hate threading that thing, it saves so much time!
OK, so what is the trick with the tube turner. I have one but can never get it to work right. What am I missing?

Hi Shannon - have a look at this - it shows you how to use your loop turner ....



Thank you for the link. I will master this yet. Mine just never seem to want to hook on:)

I am partial to the seam ripper and a great pair of small scissors that were my grandmothers. Also a new item - a beautiful claret ash and green velvet pin cushion that Dad turned for me for my birthday. Bigger than the last one he made me and just so darn handy.


Love my Husqvarna Optima 630 sewing machine.

I'd be lost without my invisible zipper foot!  And a large builders square for drafting patterns with - nice and heavy so it doesn't move, and extra-long sides makes it perfect for that sort of thing.


Oh, and having two pin cushions.  That way I don't have to remember to carry my pin cushion from my cutting/pinning table to my sewing machine table each time (which is something I used to forget far too often!  Small thing, but annoying when you sit down to sew to have to get back up and cross the room for about the tenth time in 15 minutes).

Kat - I just had the same thought yesterday about getting another pin cushion - it is never where I want it to be!  I'm going to get myself another one this week!!
You could always make one - it's a good stash-busting thing to do, gets rid of scraps of pretty fabric you can't bear to part with otherwise.  ;-)

Definitely a stitch ripper and my left handed pinking shears! 

My secret weapon - I use a tailors awl to mark dart points, on my cut fabric. (it's like a large needle with a plastic handle)  You just push it right through the pattern and fabric and it leaves a little hole (we called them drill holes at college - I presume it's done by machine in a factory/commercial setting).  Faster than chalk and you get perfect match on multi layered fabric. Then when you sew your darts you just stitch a little past the hole.  Also great for marking patch pocket placements etc.

That's a great tip Casey - I'm going to give that a go on my current project, thanks.


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