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So everyone has a favorite pattern that they make again and again.

But which of the pattern companies is your sewing room filled with?  Are these the ones that you make the most often? 


I think Mine at the moment has to be Simplicity, favorite wise but I think the shocking thing is most of my patterns are Vogue and I've never made one yet! (Damn 3 for the price of 1!)

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I love Burda patterns - even though the are a little light on the instructions, everything I have made using their patterns has turned out well. They have great detailling and a great styling (I think). I have a few Colette patterns that I am looking forward to using.
Burda & Vogue
I usually have great results with Simplicity--I especially love some of the "day-to-evening" dresses.  Vogue patterns are hit or miss for me as fitting can be a bit tricky (small bust).  I haven't tried Colette yet, but the new blouse pattern looks so cute and versatile.  I can't wait to see what people do with it!
my pattern to go is actually a New Look pattern which I just love. other than that not stuck on one brand as most of mine are second hand I tend to go by the pictiute on the front.
I'm really jealous of those of you who say "I never have to alter..."  sigh.  Ahh well, at least I have to make things smaller and not bigger, lol.  I really enjoy the independent pattern makers.  Colette being the latest (though I really don't like that C cup).  I also like the Decades of Style patterns very much.

I've never heard of decades of style! Do they have a website?


yes, here it is:



I have sewn one Decades of Style shirt pattern twice, They are very well drafted and clear instructions. I have another one in my "to do soon" pile.
How many  ' to do pile Patterns" do you have at the moment......Hahahahahahahha.
Don't even ask! I think I have at least 10!

If I'm buying them new, I go for Butterick or Vogue because they're the only ones I've found with the vintage reproduction patterns (I only buy vintage styles  :-).


I seem to have ended up with a lot of Simplicity and Academy (a New Zealand pattern label) when it comes to vintage patterns though.  I haven't tried using any of the Academy ones yet, but the other three brands all seem pretty good.  Vogue can be a bit weird with some of their instructions though, and I've found some of their vintage reproduction patterns  can have quite a bit of unexpected hand-sewing which I'm not too fond of.  The patterns themselves turn out well, though.  :-)

Like Debbie, I'm a fan of Burda patterns. The alterations I have to make for Burda are minimal when compared with what I have to do for Simplicity, Butterick, Vogue, McCalls, etc.  


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