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So everyone has a favorite pattern that they make again and again.

But which of the pattern companies is your sewing room filled with?  Are these the ones that you make the most often? 


I think Mine at the moment has to be Simplicity, favorite wise but I think the shocking thing is most of my patterns are Vogue and I've never made one yet! (Damn 3 for the price of 1!)

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I love Simplicity, especially the vintage ones, and I make these most often. Butterick comes a close second.
I actually like the style of simplicity and colette best, but i have made a few Butterick patterns lately and they fit me so well, I have never had to make any alterations on them.  The styles are a bit blah though so i usually adapt the patterns a lot.
I never have to alter Butterick either (or Simplicity) and I love that!
I tend to gravitate to Simplicity and Vogue. I also like Amy Butler patterns, she is beyond thorough!

Ohh Cathe! I have never tried an Amy Butler Pattern! There is a few I like. I think I might have to try this out!

Stevie, I think you would really like Amy's patterns. I've made four shirts/tunics and they all worked out really nicely. In the summer they go into heavy rotation!

  I buy all of them...but I think I tend to use the Simplicity the most.. They almost ,always fit ,with out too much adjusting.

  Love the collette patterns too.. and the new blouse ,that she just put out.. I am so anxious to get.I saw it on Colette Spring Pallette[she made it for herself, before offering it for sale] .Sari had made it  in a yellow and white polka dot.Beautiful.. So, that will be my next purchase.

I snapped up the Violet blouse pattern.  I loved Sarai's version and was delighted to see they were offering the pattern.
Too funny, I bought the Violet/Colette pattern a few nitghts ago, oddly it was at Pink Chalk Fabrics (online store) but not yet on Colette, just line drawings. It looks like there will be a group of us sewing this one, fun!
 Cathe, so proud you got this one.. I have been anxiously awaiting for it to be on sale.. Sarai had said, on the colette blog, that it would be for sale in April..I was so happy, when I saw that Sarah had said, it was available..I need to go over there tonight and buy  it.Before it  sales out. It is super cute.And I think, it would be really comfortable.
I think you are right, it looks like a nice summer pattern. I hope you ordered yours last night. we'll have to have a "Violet" challenge!
Good idea..


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