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Hello Lovlies! I'm wondering what everyones favorite fabrics are! 

I go through crushes as I do with everything and at the moment mine is needlecord! Its so versatile, easy to sew and comfy! 

I'd love to know what you love to sew with!


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I love a light weight challis- it just flows so well.
Wool.  Always wool.  :)  Fortunately it's a sensible fabric for my (cold, snowy) climate!  But a good dense wool stays where you put up, hands nicely, and needs very little in the way of seam finishing, making it my favorite fabric hands-down.
My favorite is jersey.  It doesn't show your mistakes too much and alterations are so easy because it stretches to your body!  Oh and it feels like pj's a lot of the time.
This is so interesting! I love how no one has the same favorite fabric so far! I do like fabrics that don't slip about but I totally agree that I love wearing Jersey!

During the summer, I get stuck on linen and rayon (challis particularly).  In the spring and fall, I play with cottons too.  I've done one wool vest for winter and one lightweight silk charmeuse tunic and want to work more with both fabrics.


My problem is it is faster to buy and plan than to actually sew. LOL

Hi Stevie, hope you are doing well and congrats on your move. The new place looks awesome.

I love anything with wool in it, my sewing machine purrs with wool. But visually I love seersucker, its just happy, clean and classic. Linen is pretty wonderful too. Working with a linen viscose blend was amazing. The viscose added weight for a little drapiness and keeps the Linen from heavy wrinkles.
Thanks Cathe! I've never used seersucker, but it definitely looks like a really happy fabric!
Seersucker is the best ever--except for its tendency to curl up at the edges and resist ironing (or is that just me?).  Especially the striped kind; it's so easy to space things when you've got those nice narrow guidelines, plus it looks really cheerful for summer.
I'm a sucker for quilting cotton.  The colours and the prints are just so much fun!  I also like merino wool knits - so warm and snuggly and lightweight so very easy to manipulate.
Oooh how exiting! I'm guessing Merino Wool Knits are particularly expensive though :(
They can be, yes. I wait until they go on sale at the end of winter and buy them then. Usually get them for half price that way, otherwise they are far too pricey!
Easy. Wools and cotton with spandex !


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