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I get the sense we all spend a healthy amount of time reading blogs. Let's share our favorite blog. Hard to pick the favorite one, maybe it's that go-to happy daily fav (that is, besides Sew Weekly)!

Here's a favorite that I find so fun:

What's your favorite?

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Oh I agree too. Both of these blogs get my creative juices going and open my eyes to so many new ideas!
I have my favourites in my Links page.  I know I'm missing some from here, though.

I absolutely adore The Snug Bug.


I Spy DIY is another favourite.


And, Gertie's blog is definitely entertaining and engaging. 



 I love the snug bug too.. great blog.I learn so much from Patty..

i'm in love with elsita, thanks for that link!


well, yours cathe (nudge nudge post again soon), and i just found kazz's blog, highly awesome:


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