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I get the sense we all spend a healthy amount of time reading blogs. Let's share our favorite blog. Hard to pick the favorite one, maybe it's that go-to happy daily fav (that is, besides Sew Weekly)!

Here's a favorite that I find so fun:

What's your favorite?

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There are so many! I cant work out how to add links with this thing (not feeling the love for Ipad at the moment), so I will come back to this when I get home! Looking foward to finding lots of new blogs to read through this post though.

Too funny. I came to the conclusion my ipad is a great tool but it can't replace a computer. I feel your frustration!



I think is their interrest you still need a computer... Im getting the Ipad2 for my birthday .. im excited as you can add demo videos and if u need to watch it when you trying to sew something for the 1st time is less bulky to set it  next to the sewing machine...

  I love Eva Girls,  I could and do , spend hours there reading and looking at her pretty dresses. She gives me so many ideas. I love her dress styles..
Oh, this is a great blog! Thanks for the link, Judy! :)
I also love Cathe's blog too.. she has some beautiful pictures ..and I love reading it.. are a very nice person.. Great thread.

Judy you are too kind!


I'm excited to see what we all have to share. I'm sure there are *new* blogs to be discovered which is very exciting in my book!

I like which gives daily reports on all the latest trends for, well, prints and patterns!


   Oh... shame on you.......I went to this sight ,and it was to die for.. The most beautiful fabric..It made me want to go on a  fabric buying binge.hahaha

  Seriously, thanks for sharing.I saved it.

Glad you like it Judy - it's another 'addictive' site!

That's so hard! But I really like Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing


And Debi's blog, My Happy Sewing Place


Among many, many blogs...

ahhh...thanks Elisa!



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