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Last Saturday in the Wall Street Journal there was a article about shifting hem lengths. The subhead reads "Say farewell to the maxi and the mini. The season's new sweet spot falls gracefully below the knee." The article goes on to talk about top designers (Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacob…) making the shift to this new (or not so new) length. It is referred to as the midi and considered the "consummate classic".


What do you think? Will you embrace it?

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I feel the same way about these articles too, but happy that whatever is considered in style is a broader spectrum that I might actually fit into. A happy accident for me, not that it really matters as I too just go with what works for my body type.

I was watching a movie from 1940 ("My Favorite Wife"). The main character's wife, declared dead after seven or eight years missing in the South Seas, returns after being saved from a shipwreck. For lack of anything better, she puts on some of her clothes that were set aside in the attic when she disappeared. They are, of course, clothes from the early '30s, and we're meant to be hugely entertained by how funny she looks in them.


Although theoretically I know it used to be really important to keep up on what "They" were telling you to do in fashion, or risk being derided, I was really struck by the fact that even a lady in her 50s is looking at her in astonishment and scorn, especially at her long hemline. It was really, really not okay to deviate from the norm.


Now, of course, we're so lucky that we can choose what we prefer, and you have to go quite a ways outside the norm even to get a second glance.


But I'm still REALLY glad that fashionable hemlines seem to be coming down (although I'm still waiting for that to trickle down to the mass market - designers have been trying to bring them down for the last year and a half, see Dior and Vuitton fall 2010) - because I do still buy the occasional dress or skirt, and the cute ones have all been so, so annoyingly short of late. I find some good, retro-influenced dresses at Target, for example, but (especially as I'm tall) I'm only buying pieces I can find some way to lengthen. What a delight it would be not to have to do anything at all!

To help with deciding what to call what length I checked in my 'Sew Simple' book pub 1980, and this is what they sayBesides style  that works on your body will always trump fashion that does not work on your bady shape. Besides you can always add a small 'nod' to fashion but don't go the whole hog.  But we are in an era where it is almost anything goes.

Meh, I like right above the knee. I feel like midi is not very flattering.


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