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Last Saturday in the Wall Street Journal there was a article about shifting hem lengths. The subhead reads "Say farewell to the maxi and the mini. The season's new sweet spot falls gracefully below the knee." The article goes on to talk about top designers (Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacob…) making the shift to this new (or not so new) length. It is referred to as the midi and considered the "consummate classic".


What do you think? Will you embrace it?

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Would have been a good article to read Cathe, but was the writer a fashion stylist or a journalist? For me, I dont care much for the fashionable length. I am 161cm short and a size 14 that is mostly on my thighs and muscular calves. I always go for a length that suits me. Too long and I am wider, too short and I excentuate my bum.

Is a midi just above or just below the knee? What if you have ugly knees?  I like to sit just above the knee as it suits me, maybe now I will be in fashion!!

I have waited so long for this length to return!!!! Just below the knee is really all I wear. I do the odd maxi.. but they're not so great for going up and down stairs with a toddler! as for mini's... I don't have the legs! and even if I did they wouldn't be much good for bending down to pick up the toddler! of course now that I'm making my own clothes it doesn't matter so much..I'm not scouring the shops for that elusive 'longer' length.  but it's nice to know I'm back on trend. lol.
Well... I reall dont care? lol... I like the right below knee length in skirts and some dresses.. and sometimes I like the maxi length.. so... I will still ,just go with what ever I like..
Judy, I love your attitude…the heck with current fashion, just do what you like! I think that's the best advice of all!

I'm with you there. While I like to try new things in sewing,  I just don't change my taste every season.

Fashion designers design for models anyway so I don't assume every women will look good in the same skirt lenght. I prefer my skirts to end right above the knee because it suits me and gives me the right amount of mobility to run after my son. I live in a rainy city so maxi dresses or skirts never worked for me they just get dirty.

Whatever lenght you prefer, chances are it will come back some day :-)

Same here on attitude.  My favorite is mid-calf ... in fact I need to replace my favorite midcalf skirt that I bought in 1999.
I think I'd like that, my knees aren't too spectacular. I fell over in a sequin trimmed frock once (and no I hadn't had too many!) and I still have the imprint of sequins on my knee!
There are some celebs that definitely need more fabric in their skirts- maybe this will help!

This new length is perfect for me, but that is coincidental rather than me being trendy!

Okay, here's the full article:


It's written by Alexa Brazillian who is the Style Director at the WSJ and prior to this position she was with Elle Magazine as a fashion editor.


If you go to the link there is a nice slide show that really showcases so beautiful garments that are actually pleasing and not to far out, although there are a few wowzas too!


The length is suppose to work for everyone and is flexible, ranging from below the knee to a few inches above the ankle (a clear nod to the 30's and 40's). I like right above the knee and in all honesty I'm happy to see more moderate fashions that work for a larger range of women. Good buy minis!

I am a fan of the knee to just a couple of inches below. When a skirt gets down around my shins, they are mostly not flattering to me. Not sure why.
Those trends articles in the big newspapers are always so funny!  I never wore either a maxi or a mini, but I've been discovering that as I've been making my own dresses I naturally gravitate toward hemlines that fall right below my knee.  This accidentally happened because I'm rather short, so a normal dress that would have fallen at the knee or above falls below my knees.  I really like the way it looks, so, for once, I'm on trend!


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