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I know a lot of us are fans of Colette (Yay). I've been watching Sarai complete her fall palette with her personal challenge which is made up of her new patterns including a few from her new book. If you haven't seen this and need some inspiration, here's the link:

It's really yummy! I'm now the biggest fan of Peony!

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The projects are so pretty, flattering to most anyone in my opinion. She really guides you to be more careful and precise. I sure can benefit from that. I plan to make that beautiful tulip skirt as a starter. My book came from Kentucky, I'm in Texas. Not so far.
Nancy that's so exciting to hear, I really look forward to seeing your skirt! I love your enthusiasm! I didn't order the Colette book, I thought I would wait and see. So nice to hear it's full of inspiration and good tips. Thanks for your insight!
I came across the Burda handbook yesterday at my local bookstore. I was really surprised at how good it is, funny it came home with me.

The book has five patterns that are each interpreted by two sewist designers from the sewing blogging community. At the end of each chapter they add an additional 12 other unique designs to the pattern all done by different sewists. So for each pattern there is 14 different styles. Very cool. There is the basics up front for the beginner, but most of the book is focused on the pattern and alt designs. I was really impressed at the goodness, 200 pages of goodness plus five printed patterns!

Highly recommend if you need some fun inspiration.
I remember last year when I first started to read sewing blogs, there was a lot of talk about doing the Burda handbook projects.  Elaine (The Selfish Seamstress) was doing one pattern, and she said that she was responsible for the fabric and notions, etc. and wasn't very proud of her results!  I'm curious to see what she made.  I also think that Casey made one of the garments (?).  I'll have to add it to my Amazon wishlist for Xmas.


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