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I know a lot of us are fans of Colette (Yay). I've been watching Sarai complete her fall palette with her personal challenge which is made up of her new patterns including a few from her new book. If you haven't seen this and need some inspiration, here's the link:

It's really yummy! I'm now the biggest fan of Peony!

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Nancy, I think you go with whatever makes you feel comfortable, that's your style. There is nothing worse then feeling awkward about what you are wearing. Dark hosiery and a length you feel good about sounds best. I like how Charlotte wore boots with her Peony, she looks very fashionable.
Thanks Cathe, how lovely of you.... just a side note Nancy, I'm not a fan of my own knees (!) so I added about 2 inches to the length of the pattern. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall. I usually add a little to the bottom of skirts etc, I figure I can always make a skirt shorter but once I've cut it it's not as easy to go longer. Have fun! I really rate this pattern.
Too funny, I'm not a fan of my knees either and always add to the length!

Hi Nancy..

  I too love Colette patterns. Sarai does such a great job with them.


  I ordered my book from Amazon too. and I got an email this morning saying they were going to go ahead and ship it and I should recieve by nov.5 th.yea.. So, I bet yours will too.


   I like the longer length dresses/skirts too.. Have you thought about lengthen the Peony??  Just an idea..

 I do that with lots of the patterns. I like your idea  of the darker hosiery.. Just make and wear what you like.. That is what is important.. Happy sewing.

I'm with you Judy, add a bit! x
That's a great idea, I will cut a few extra inches just in case I like the longer length. You can always shorten.
Great.. cant wait to see it.Happy sewing.
I just got an email saying it will be here Friday. I also ordered the Burdastyle book, which will be with it. Ah, heavenly week-end. Two great sewing books at the same time. Utter happiness.
Nancy.. yea .proud you have yours on the way.. They say mine should be here Friday too.. So..I know what the both of us will be doing on the weekend.ha Happy book reading and sewing.
The strange thing is that I'm just fine with shorts or a bathing suit...just not skirts. Can't explain that.
The Collette Sewing Handbook just arrived. It's beautiful. Lots in there. If you are still waiting, I think you won't be disappointed. I will be making some or all of the garments...Nancy

Hey Nancy, I didnt get mine today..darn it..ha.. but I got another email saying it would be here

tomorrow..SO.. I will be anxious for the mail tomorrow.. Proud you got yours and are enjoying it..


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