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I know a lot of us are fans of Colette (Yay). I've been watching Sarai complete her fall palette with her personal challenge which is made up of her new patterns including a few from her new book. If you haven't seen this and need some inspiration, here's the link:

It's really yummy! I'm now the biggest fan of Peony!

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Oh, I always thought Santa was my mom, very similar handwriting! She, I mean he needs a list for sure.

Charlotte I love your Peony! I must make it too! I really love the piping, perfect accent!

Have you seen today's news? Very exciting....

Thanks for sharing  Charolette. I am so excited. I preordered mine from  Amazon. Hope they ship them out soon..

me too - hope that UK amazon is quick off the mark! x


Charolette, I went to and it saying that it will be shipped Nov. 16 th..But I hope ,since it got ready early..that maybe they will ship early too???

 Is your  UK amazon  giving you a ship date?

OK, I just looked. 5th December!


I can't wait that long!

Hey Charolette, I got an email for Amazon and they said they were moving the date up on Colette book and that I should recieve Nov.5th. Yea..

 Check back with your .. they may update the date too. Hope so..

They have removed it from amazon uk altogether! I see from the Colette site that there is a different site I can get it from - my pre-order appears to have been cancelled.... eeep :0S
That's horrible!
I am so sorry Charolette.. That is terrible, and I know you were looking so forward to it. I saw on the Colette sight, that some of the UK people were ordering  from the other sight and  suppose to get it real soon.. Check that out..Will be praying you get it ordered and get it soon..
I saw that too this morning!

I am a fan of Colette. Have her book on order, and I hope it will be here soon. I heard it is already out there, so I hope Amazon goes ahead and ships it ASAP.

Love the Peony as well. I've always preferred longer skirt length, but I think I might give Peony a try. It would be so pretty in black or dark purple, or maybe a dark brown. Last year I bought a wonderful dark brown felt hat. It was in an antique store, where I get most of my hats. I have nothing to wear with it, so perhaps I'll try this. Darker hosiery would probably make me more comfortable to show some leg. I'm just not used to knee-length skirts. What do you think?


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