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I know a lot of us are fans of Colette (Yay). I've been watching Sarai complete her fall palette with her personal challenge which is made up of her new patterns including a few from her new book. If you haven't seen this and need some inspiration, here's the link:

It's really yummy! I'm now the biggest fan of Peony!

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Cathe, I absolutely love  Collette and Sarai is super nice.. So helpful.. Every question ,I have had on one of her patterns, she has so graciously took the time to answer..


   Love her fall challenge. And I so agree , I love the peony too. The gingham check is adorable..


   Her new book will be out I just bet ,we will be seeing lots of the new patterns appear on SW.

Looking forward to seeing them.

Great thread Cathe, you are right, Colette patterns are so great -I am counting the days until I get hold of Sarai's book. I also have Peony plans....


If you want even more of the tantalising details you can read reviews of the book on Rhinestones and Telephones:


and a reminder for UK girls, you can buy Colette patterns at




I got Sarahs book on my xmas list ! fingers cross....

Rachel, How you do this is: intentionally_____Lay  a piece of paper with  a wish list of this book and all

information for ordering, in a VERY visiable place for Santa/hubby/family  members, and do a whole

lot of hinting!!! hahahhaha

I don't want to spoil the magic of Santa but can I suggest an amazon wish list? I have had one for about a year and that's how I got a huge pile of books for my birthday..... all my friends have one now... it does take the guesswork away for people and actually people said it was helpful to know what I wanted (I put paperbacks on it too, I'd rather have one of those than a scented candle!)


Hinting might work for Rachel but it never did for me!

Charolette, what  a great idea!! I can see where this would be so helpful..Not only for family but friends and co-workers.. Smart lady Miss Charolette..


  And I have to agree...hinting doesnt work so great at my house either.ha

Yes ! hehehhehe  I have left on the desktop of the computer ... Hrh  in charge to spread the word.


Closer to the day I make it a background , just in case. heheh

You all are cracking me up! So Santa is really a list?!
Now Cathe............You  HAVE to believe...if you want that  sneaky little "intentional " list  to be discovered by Santa......hahahhahahhaha
okay as long as Santa isn't really a list…
Of course not, but even Santa needs a nudge in the right direction - he is male, after all ;0)
hahahahahaha---- this is to  cute and to true..


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