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I'm making my first foray into using vintage patterns. The package for the dress I have (it's a Prominent Designer pattern) says to use "Sheer wool, Jersey, or Silk Crepe". Okay... all you vintage pattern mavens, what the duce is Sheer Wool? And is Jersey the same thing as Jersey Knit? 

Thanks for the help! 

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Sheer wool is just what is says - an extremely fine, gauzy wool.  It's a plain tabby weave.  It's sometimes sold as wool gauze these days (at least in NZ, not sure what they would call it in the states).  Its one of those fabrics that goes in and out of style, so you may not be able to find it.  


And Jersey is jersey knit, but they probably meant a jersey knit with almost no stretch - just a tiny bit of give, which is really hard to find these days.  Depending on how vintage your pattern is, jersey may have meant wool jersey knit.


For example, a late 30s fashion column featuring a wool jersey jacket.


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