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Hey there lovely ladies! I have a question for you - what sewing, crafting, or vintage style books do you have that you'd recommend? I've been lucky enough to be given an Amazon voucher and I'm looking for recommendations on what to get. :-)

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Oooh I recommend Patternmaking  in Fashion Step by Step (I think the American edition is called Basic Patternmaking step by step) by Lucia Mors de Castro. I've reviewed it on my blog here:


PatternMaking for a Perfect Fit by Steffani Lincecum which I've reviewed here:

The first shows you how to make your own slopers and then use them to make various garments and the second shows you how to copy (exactly) any ready to wear garment and make your own from the resulting (copied) pattern. 

Oh and the Singer Sewing book (vintage-get whatever edition you can find 70s is prob. best) for actual sewing techniques. 


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