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So here is the dress I am making for the Embellishment challenge:

It's Colette Pattern's Crepe dress and I decided to have a go at piping. But now that it's finished, I feel like it needs something else. I'm really regretting making self fabric ties, but I also don't want to take the whole thing apart to replace the ties.


Any thoughts??

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I really like the black piping with the floral fabric.  Could you add a black band along the bottom?  I agree that a contrast tie may have been better...perhaps you could add some ribbon or something to the edges of the tie?
I did something daft on my Crepe - I was in a bit of a hurry and wasn't reading the pattern instructions, result being I sewed all the facings in without putting the sash in first ... it wasn't too difficult to get the seam ripper and just make a little space where the sash goes, that's if you can bear doing it... really wouldn't have to take apart much to replace the ties.  Just open the seams  around the ties and replace with others. Since your piping is dark, perhaps ties could be made to match?


If you really don't want to do that, what about stitching a row or two of ribbon around the bottom of the skirt? Or some ric-rac?

Amy... great idea... probably  a couple rows of dark matching ric rack would do the trick.. Or like the others have would be real simple to just open up a little spot and replace the belts with a dark one..

 The dress is really pretty, and  I love the fabric. Pretty choice.

I'd add 3 little buttons in a row at centre front in a colour to match the piping and leave the ties as is.
How about setting it aside and taking a little break.

I'm in the camp of redoing the sash in one of the stronger colors or black, I know, not what you want to hear.

Here's my general thought about "design", it's a process that is edited as you go, what you start out with continues to change and morph through self edits and that's really good. Design takes time and is a process, and I think it's great to question and challenge and you grow through the process.

I hope that is okay to say.
I think the time thing is really key. I've been feeling more excited and creative about it the longer it's been hanging in my living room. (And it hung for a while before I posted this.) :)
Thanks for all of the lovely thoughts so far. I think I'm going to continue to mull it over (since I can't get to the fabric store till tomorrow anyways.) Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it before the end of the week!


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