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In the spirit of last year's UK Meet Up, I've been pondering about something similar ... I mentioned to Charlotte Tilley that there are some independent fabric shops out here that could do with some custom - Cambridge, Downham Market and King's Lynn -  and we are thinking of doing something about it.  These are all stops on the King's Cross to King's Lynn rail route.  Anyone else think it would be a good idea to do a Meet this coming Spring/Summer and have a fun day out somewhere different?  It would involve getting on and off at various stops and exploring!  Am happy to put together an itinerary - times and lunch stops etc, if anyone is interested.     

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I wished we could do an international meet with somewhere in the middle.. would be so much fun!

I would love to join in with the meet.  I live in Lancashire so would have to travel but have transport and friends in the area.  May would be good for me too.

Looks like May is the favourite then ... does everyone agree?  I'll do another posting this weekend with all the news so far,

Sorry I've not been around to do another posting - I'll get one organised this week/early next when I have some leave from work.  I've not been 100% with a fluey cold this past week and haven't felt like doing anything much.  Better now though! 


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