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In the spirit of last year's UK Meet Up, I've been pondering about something similar ... I mentioned to Charlotte Tilley that there are some independent fabric shops out here that could do with some custom - Cambridge, Downham Market and King's Lynn -  and we are thinking of doing something about it.  These are all stops on the King's Cross to King's Lynn rail route.  Anyone else think it would be a good idea to do a Meet this coming Spring/Summer and have a fun day out somewhere different?  It would involve getting on and off at various stops and exploring!  Am happy to put together an itinerary - times and lunch stops etc, if anyone is interested.     

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Judy made me do it. She is a very very bad influence. ;0P


Erm, how about April? That would give everyone a channce to prepare...... what do you think?

hahahahahaha..   [them school teachers.. gotta blame it on somebody.hahahhahah]

Hi all. I'd be interested in meeting up as I live in essex and am new to sewing. It would be good to meet some other people and have a day fabric shopping.

Would be great to meet you Frances!

Great! Let me know when you choose a date.



April is fine for me Charlotte, but not too near Easter as I might be doing something then.  What does everyone else think? (Judy and Charlotte need to sit on the naughty step until we get the answers in ;-)))  

Ha,hahaha Diane..

   I think your right... we two are definitely

 Cant wait to hear all the details of your meetup.. Have fun...

I got most of my assignments deliveries until end of march, than 2 weeks after easter I got more deadlines.. I need to know in advance.. xx

Not sure what to do now - is May any good?  That's when we all seemed to be able to meet up last year... 

Why don't we use google calendar with 3 or 4 dates and ask people to put their availability of theses dates. 


Sounds good but I haven't a clue how to do this ... can you? 

Oh, I wished I lived in England, I'd deFinately go, sounds like a great day.


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