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In the spirit of last year's UK Meet Up, I've been pondering about something similar ... I mentioned to Charlotte Tilley that there are some independent fabric shops out here that could do with some custom - Cambridge, Downham Market and King's Lynn -  and we are thinking of doing something about it.  These are all stops on the King's Cross to King's Lynn rail route.  Anyone else think it would be a good idea to do a Meet this coming Spring/Summer and have a fun day out somewhere different?  It would involve getting on and off at various stops and exploring!  Am happy to put together an itinerary - times and lunch stops etc, if anyone is interested.     

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This is a fab idea Diane, love it. Last year's meet seems so long ago - it would be lovely to meet up again x

Looks like it's just you and me for the moment Charlotte!  Shame really as it's not that far from London, a couple of hours at the most to the furthest destination.  Shops in Cambridge include Reju'vin'ate (not spelt wrongly - it's a 'vintage' clothing and haberdashery store, Cally and Co - trendy fabrics and sewing materials, Cath Kidston and John Lewis.  Then there's The Sew Inn in Downham Market and lastly, The Fent Shop in King's Lynn.  Lots of places to stop of for lunch etc at too ...        

Sounds great Diane, I am really excited! - shall we pick a date?  I'll have a look at my calendar and get back to you tomorrow - maybe others will join us once we have firmed things up.... I like the sound of the shops you suggest, how exciting x

I would go as we mee to catch up again... I just need to know a lot in advance as course work and deadlines keeps me so busy. Xx

That would be great Rachel! 

Hey Girls..

  This sounds like  a really fun get together in the making..  So jealous of you,ha. Seriously, hope it all comes together and you have lots,and lots of fun...

 Charolette T... are you going to make another  horrosocke dress????hahahahha

   Looking forward to hearing about your plans and of course will love hearing all the details of the shopping and

fun afterwards... 

No Iam not Judy .... that dress nearly gave me a nervous breakdown... tee hee


Diane I will get back to you when I have checked the calendar unless you have a date in mind?


Judy (following on from a discussion on the main page) I have something else butt/bum related to share (stop laughing!) .... my friend tells my you Americans also call a butt a fanny. Is that right? This is the funniest thing I have heard in ages if it is true.... that is very rude for us Brits (please excuse me UK girls!)...

Yes. I am dying laughing....[ I told my grandaughters about the butt/bum.. Callie loved it.. she said,"'now Maw, I can say kiss my bum... no one will never know, I am telling them to kiss my butt."..Yes, I have ruined that girl!!!!!!!!!

 It it true...fanny is butt too.. hahahahha   People would tell their children... I will get your

fanny...meaning I will whip your butt. teehee.. What does fanny mean in UK????? Please dont tell me it is a pair of drawers/

Tee hee,  glad we gave Callie a laugh, I am just imagining her at school saying that....


Do NOT repeat this next thing to Callie until she is older! .... when you come to visit us in England you must  not offer to get anyone's fanny, I am laughing so much I can't type.... in England fanny is what we call a lady's front bottom, if you get my meaning. NOT your bum / butt.


That's made my day!

Oh my... I have laughed soooooooooo hard , my stomach is hurting........... I will refrain from telling Callie and Emily about the fanny, for a little while.hahahhahahaa. When I get to England to visit.. You will have to be sure and remind me.................Dont say fanny..this is hillarious.. I will have to email you and tell you what  our version of that is... Or even funnier..what Callie named it herself. stomach is hurting.I have to quit reading

I don't know - turn my back for 5 minutes and all havoc breaks out!  Not sure of a date yet - suggestions for the time of year/month anyone?  One that would be ok with everyone? 

hahahaha Diane... You know its that Charlotte T and not me?????.. [you know, I am going to blame her, and not me.....teehee] 


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