The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Here are the details so far:


Saturday 26 May 2012


Meet King's Lynn, Norfolk, railway station 9.30ish.


10 minute walk to The Fent Shop, spending around an hour there.


Back to railway station for the 10.56 train to Downham Market, arriving there at 11.09.


A couple of hours at Downham Market for The Sew Inn (Maureen there is going to make us tea!).  We will have lunch in Downham too, and maybe see the Craft Shop and Peacocks (good for accessories, belts ,jewellery, that kind of thing).


Get the 2.09 train to Cambridge, arriving 2.44 (for anyone wanting to meet us in Cambridge for the afternoon).  Shopping at Rejuvinate, Cally & Co., John Lewis, Cath Kidston and market.  Maybe afternoon tea if there's time (I thought of that before Maureen offered to make us tea in Downham...). 


Trains back to King's Lynn are 4.35, 5.35 etc ...  The 5.35 gets back to Lynn at 6.20 for example.


If anyone is going back to London, trains to King's Cross are quarter to the hour and take 3/4 hour to get in.


We will be in red, white and blue or a Royal theme.  So far, there is me, Frances, Debby, Charlotte and possibly(?) Rachel (for the Cambridge afternoon).


Anyone else wanting to add anything in or come along, please do so here!  We could meet at any of the stops mentioned above if we know who wants to come along. 





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 Diane, I said a prayer for you today.. Knew you had to be out in public with  Charlotte..

No telling what she would do.hahahahhahaha

I was very well behaved Judy - that Diane is a terror on the sly though

whew.................... I am beginning to think that putting you and Diane together..just might not be a good idea!!!  I think, I need to get  transplanted to the UK to keep tabs on you girls and keep ya'll out of trouble.teehee

I honestly don't know what she's talking about Judy ...


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