The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Here are the details so far:


Saturday 26 May 2012


Meet King's Lynn, Norfolk, railway station 9.30ish.


10 minute walk to The Fent Shop, spending around an hour there.


Back to railway station for the 10.56 train to Downham Market, arriving there at 11.09.


A couple of hours at Downham Market for The Sew Inn (Maureen there is going to make us tea!).  We will have lunch in Downham too, and maybe see the Craft Shop and Peacocks (good for accessories, belts ,jewellery, that kind of thing).


Get the 2.09 train to Cambridge, arriving 2.44 (for anyone wanting to meet us in Cambridge for the afternoon).  Shopping at Rejuvinate, Cally & Co., John Lewis, Cath Kidston and market.  Maybe afternoon tea if there's time (I thought of that before Maureen offered to make us tea in Downham...). 


Trains back to King's Lynn are 4.35, 5.35 etc ...  The 5.35 gets back to Lynn at 6.20 for example.


If anyone is going back to London, trains to King's Cross are quarter to the hour and take 3/4 hour to get in.


We will be in red, white and blue or a Royal theme.  So far, there is me, Frances, Debby, Charlotte and possibly(?) Rachel (for the Cambridge afternoon).


Anyone else wanting to add anything in or come along, please do so here!  We could meet at any of the stops mentioned above if we know who wants to come along. 





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Sounds fab, should be heaps of fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Great - I wasn't sure if I'd got the timing right for getting to Cambridge - we could always get the 1.09 instead of the 2.09 if we finish up in Downham early.

Thanks for organising this I'm really looking forward to it. I love fabric shopping. I have had great fun deciding what to make and what to wear with it. Can't wait to see what everyone else is wearing.

I have made inroads into my (rather unimaginative but doable) dress for the meet, I am very excited xx

I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment ... still finding my sewjo I think!  I have 'Vegas' cut out but need a bit of a kick...maybe you've just done it!

I've submitted for this week and skipped straight to Royal week -  I have such a small amount of time (ok, ok, I am knitting and so that eats up sewing time) I thought I'd better go for the one I know I "have" to do!

Can't wait to see your Las Vegas x

I'm knitting too - the 'clock' has started ticking for the finishing of my C&G knitting course and I have to get modules finished in a certain amount of time or I won't get it done.  Just finishing Module 5 (and I have 7 more to do in the next couple of years ...!)  I'm doing the pincushion swap though at the moment and I have sewing plans in my head ... wish I had more time ...

I've got something else to add to the fabric trail.  I've just been told that a relative of a friend of mine is moving house and she has a stash of about 120 patterns and fabric in excellent condition.  She wants to sell them on, very reasonably, so I'm proposing adding a viewing into the trail if that's ok? 

Sounds good to me.

Wow, how lovely, what a great day you have organised for us x

I haven't signed up for th epincushion swap, it sounds great but I am just too stretched to do it justice...


I am very excited to hear all about the knitting when we meet up x

Sounds good. My course is killing me and I'm worried not going to sew something new for the royal theme. One week at the time. Plans sound exciting. I keep u posted xx


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