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Sorry for the delay on the update, only I wasn't well with cold.  On holiday now and able to firm up a few details.


It looks like May is the favourite month.  Does everyone agree?  So far, we have me, Charlotte, Rachel, Frances and Debby.


We would either start out at the furthest point of King's Lynn and head back in the London direction with stops along the way, or, meet up at Cambridge and make our way down the railway line, ending up at King's Lynn, which would give an uninterrupted journey back to London for those who need it. 


I imagine things would go as follows:


Stop at Cambridge for Rejuvinate (vintage clothing and haberdashery), John Lewis haberdashery, Callie & Co (quirky fabrics and sewing equipment).


Stop at Downham Market for The Sew Inn (lots of fabric and patterns, buttons, lace etc), possibly also the craft shop here for knitting wools and card making supplies.


Stop at King's Lynn for The Fent Shop (lots of fabric bargains, patterns and knitting wools). 


A stop for lunch would be in the pretty and historic market town of Downham Market as half way point, whichever direction we started out from.  So, we just need to confirm a day.  I don't know how to do the Google thingy - do you Rachel?  Look forward to some answers soon ....   

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great. Im on maybe and will decide closer the day

Oh love it, let's do that then! Great theme

I  hope this doesn't  sound a stupid question. Are we going to do royal family inspiration as well as the red, white and blue or instead of it?

No, doesn't sound stupid at all!  Perhaps we are being patriotic and 'royal' in red, white and blue, since these are the colours that people go for at royal celebrations.  I would think we could be red, white and blue or more obviously royal inspired ...

I'd like to do the Royal inspired one really if that is ok, but I am going to try to do it in red white and blue as well, but either is good for me x

Same here!  No rules!  (Except Rule Britannia :-)))

very good Diane x

Ok. I can do royal inspired, but it  won't be in red, white and blue. I have an outfit that I have been meaning to make in purple which will fit in with the royal theme. I'll have to start now to finish in time as it's the most ambitious thing I have tried to make.

That sounds really intriguing, I casn't wait to see that Frances!

Looking forward to seeing it too Frances!  I am stuck between doing red, white and blue and something a bit more royal, since I have an uncut dress pattern that was given to me in a 'stash' with distinctly royal connections!  Hmmmmmm.......

Oooo! Tell me more.

I've just realised that I've written something that might sound like something else!  It's not that mysterious really...I was given a heap of patterns by a friend, they had belonged to her sister who used to do a lot of dressmaking.  Some of them are completely uncut and are fashions from way back when ...  I was thinking of doing one of those!  Don't really want to 'let the cat out of the bag before it's been on Sew Weekly though! 


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