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Sorry for the delay on the update, only I wasn't well with cold.  On holiday now and able to firm up a few details.


It looks like May is the favourite month.  Does everyone agree?  So far, we have me, Charlotte, Rachel, Frances and Debby.


We would either start out at the furthest point of King's Lynn and head back in the London direction with stops along the way, or, meet up at Cambridge and make our way down the railway line, ending up at King's Lynn, which would give an uninterrupted journey back to London for those who need it. 


I imagine things would go as follows:


Stop at Cambridge for Rejuvinate (vintage clothing and haberdashery), John Lewis haberdashery, Callie & Co (quirky fabrics and sewing equipment).


Stop at Downham Market for The Sew Inn (lots of fabric and patterns, buttons, lace etc), possibly also the craft shop here for knitting wools and card making supplies.


Stop at King's Lynn for The Fent Shop (lots of fabric bargains, patterns and knitting wools). 


A stop for lunch would be in the pretty and historic market town of Downham Market as half way point, whichever direction we started out from.  So, we just need to confirm a day.  I don't know how to do the Google thingy - do you Rachel?  Look forward to some answers soon ....   

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OK, I've just put my details in.  I'm going to do a bit of finding out about fares and times of trains tomorrow and will post an update. 


Looks up to now that there are plenty of days when we could all meet up! 

Oooh goody!

OK, it's £9.70 sterling for a day return from King's Lynn to Cambridge travelling just after 9 o'clock and we can get on and off at stops on the route with the ticket.  Does that sound ok?  I've got a timetable too, it just depends how long we stop at places.  Any preferences for starting at Lynn at Cambridge?  Personally, I'd find it easier to start at Lynn ...

I vote Lynn, £9.70 sounds cheap0 as chips, thanks sooooooooo much for organising this! xxx

Hi Marguerite,  Have we decided on a date yet?  I have put my available dates on the calendar for consideration.  I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and having a lovely day out into the bargain. 

Hi, I was wondering where Frances had got to, as she hasn't filled in any dates yet.  Was waiting to hear when might be good for her too ... Are you there Frances, still coming? 

Hi Everyone.


I'm still here and am still planning to come. I have put my dates in the table. I personally would prefer to start at Cambridge, but will go with the majority decision. I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon.



Great!  How about Saturday 26 May then, I'll stick my neck out and say lets start in Lynn.

It's an easy route straight through, no changes, from Cambridge.    Ever such a pretty route too.  We'll need to meet earlyish, so that we can fit in Lynn and Downham in the morning.  There's a 9.35 train from Cambridge that gets in to Lynn at 10.20, or 8.35 if people can manage that for arrival at 9.20 in Lynn (which would be better if possible).  We can firm up more details once we get a start time sorted out.

That would be lovely and I hope to be there for 9.15.  Just to be sure I will come over the night before.  Barring problems finding the station and parking that is.  I will have to check out your profiles so I know who I am looking for too. 

I'm going to wear Charlotte Tilley's red white and blue crochet flower from last year's UK meet up (Tee Hee Charlotte!)

How lovely Diane - I will wear mine too! ;0)

It takes me 3 hours to go from Rochester to Cambridge and about £40... I need to organise myself... I'm on maybe at the moment


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